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A play-by-post RPG using a very light variant of Dungeons and Dragon's 4th edition.

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Suli, primal vampire from the frigid North (played by Cannonball)
  • Tarn, a human fighter who grew up within a mercenary band
  • Vol, a person of many faces who serves a distant master
Lost in the Siege[edit]
  • Finn, a halfling rogue with the ability to speak with iron and herbs
  • Nerilee, a half-elven weather witch


  • Vol: Suli reminds me of dangerous things I cannot allow myself to forget.


Ozenfre was the westernmost Coalition city and now it's the easternmost Renegade city. The country side around it has been stripped by the red army. The Lords of Ozenfre waited for reinforcements from other Coalition members, but it's getting into fall now and none have appeared. They decided to surrender instead of trying to make it through winter. Losing Ozenfre is a major blow to the Coalition both in that it's a major trade city and because the reds took it without a single battle.

  • Rattown Wharfs - the lowest part of the city and closest to the inner sea. Subject to seasonal flooding.
  • Potter's Rim and the Dyer's Guild, both near the water at the bottom right corner of the map. Jointly a front for the City's Thief's Guild, too poor, smelly, and muddy to rate a proper patrol by the Watch.
  • Vrreechau Charter House somewhere near the sea, the river, and one of the roads that crosses the river.
  • St. Michael's Bazaar - one of the big grey boxes in the north section of the city but south of the river.
  • The Iron Quarter and the Hammerwall - The dwarven district and the smithing district respectfully. The hammerwall borders one edge of the Iron Quarter, with dwarven smiths plying their trade along their side of the wall and other races smithing on the other side.
  • The Cobbler's Son - house of ill repute in one of the more questionable and crowded quarters of the city. Finn is frienemies with Vladimir Shevyn the owner, a human dandy and duelist. The place is named after the first person Vlad purportedly killed in a duel.
  • The Job pole - A single giant tusk stick out of the ground in the city's main square. It is the place where the (mostly unskilled and desperate) laborers and taskmasters meet.

National Factions[edit]

  • Loyalist - Traditional empire. Whites (Lilies)
  • Renegade - Same empire but under new leader(s). Reds (Manticore)
  • Coalition - A group of provinces who used the war to break off and form their own state. Greens (Hydra)

Ozenfre was green. It declared independence from the Empire along with other members of the coalition. It just surrendered to the Manticore's army.


  • Aanter, the Manticore, the famed general and battlemage who has set his sights on claiming the Empire of Vyntia for himself. Under the previous Emperor, he won acclaim repelling invasions, securing territories, and was named the Warden of the Firestates. Upon the old Emperor's death, Aanter became the most powerful man in Vyntia. He is beloved, respected, and feared. He does not lead the army outside of Ozenfre personally (he's hip deep in northern expansion), that falls to General Rahman al-Zayh.
  • Valaria, The High Priestess, who leads the Temple of the Rose in Ozenfre and the surrounding areas. A drider, she was blinded at birth and spent her youth learning sacred mysteries deep within the Underdark. She has the Sight as well as a deep connection to the Lands Beyond. Her followers can be a touch fanatical. The Seekers and Templars she commands form a small army and she's not adverse to using them as such.
  • Seeker Autumn
  • Gniwikurn Mintstrip: Gnome barker. Works out of the The Cobbler's Son. Independent, runs fights and lends a bit. Okay guy.
  • Majj: yuan-ti monk


After the great, magical Chimeran Catastrophe that created the Inner Sea of the eastern provinces

Religious Organizations[edit]

The Empire of of Vyntia is home to a wide range of religious groups. The existence of gods, demons, the outer planes, and an immortal spirit are acknowledged by all people. However, the nature of the divine, the relationship of mortal races with deities, and how best to live and serve the gods is greatly debated.

The Temple of the Rose[edit]

The largest and most powerful religious organization within the Empire. It is entwined with Vyntia's politics, culture, and social stability and has been for over a thousand years. Its priesthood claims to serve all the 'just and righteous gods,' but most only have ongoing worship for a handful, offering sacrifices or prayers to the others on mandatory holy days or when appropriate.

The Temple has both a militant branch, the Templars, who form small, private army, and its own investigative branch, the Seekers. Due to its position, it often overshadows local banns in power over communities. The Emperor often used it as a check against the noble houses.

Its members often take it upon themselves to hunt down demonologists, cultists, necromancers, and heretic priests.

The Order of the Sapphire Dawn[edit]

A rather fancy title for a rather simple group of monks. They're spread out across the southern region but you might stumble upon an isolated monastery on a cold northern mountainside. They follow the teachings of the World Serpent and revere its three aspects symbolizing Order, Chaos, and Neutrality. When they're not tucked into their meditations or making wine, they offer free services to the communities around them.

Any monastery in Ozenfre would have to operate with permission from the Temple of the Rose.