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Resident Magi

Visiting Magi

  • Maga Guen ex Merinita


Potential Apprentices

  • Catherine Lucasson, daughter of Jonas and Violet, Born 1229
  • Trulien, Daughter of Jackie and Fabien, Born 1229
  • Jorrhan, Golden-eyed son of Dunathane and Laudatos, Born 1230






  • Alphonse, Housecarl
  • Professor Kingsford, Magister in Artibus
  • Malcolm, Huntmaster
  • Devlin, Master Glassblower
  • John, Manservant
  • Anna, Maid
  • Catherine, Maid
  • Carpenter
  • Carpenter
  • Blacksmith
  • Blacksmith
  • Mason
  • Cook
  • Bookbinder
  • Laborer
  • Laborer
  • Laborer
  • Scribe
  • Scribe


  • Amaghanon, Dragon
  • Brother Ugantu

Stonehenge Tribunal

Stonehenge, Autumn Covenant

  • Archmagus Doceputos ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus
Parens of Magus Laudatos of Stormkeep
  • Magus Augustus ex Guernicus, Presiding Quesitor
Parens of Magus Fabian of Stormkeep
  • Maga Madaline ex Miscellanea
    • Evieve, Apprentice
  • Magus Kensing ex Verditius
  • Magus Simon ex Tytalus
    • James, Apprentice
  • Magus Cornelius ex Jerbiton, Baron of Salisbury

Blackthorne, Autumn Covenant

  • Magus Krallus ex Flambeau, Deceased
  • Magus William Fireheart ex Flambeau
  • Magus Ironheart ex Tytalus
Parens of Maga Dunathane of Stormkeep
  • Magus Cseri Viktor ex Tremere
Tremere Exarch of Stonehenge, Hibernia, Loch Leglan, and Normandy
  • Maga Trina ex Bonisagus beni Trianoma
  • Magus ex Merinita

Cad Gadu, Autumn Covenant, Domus Magnus of Ex Miscellania

  • Magus Dender ex Miscellanea, Deceased
  • Maga Ralassa ex Miscellanea
    • Timothy, Apprentice (previous filus Dender)
  • Magus Mikhael ex Tremere
  • Magus ex Miscellanea
  • Magus ex Miscellanea
  • Magus ex Miscellanea
  • Magus ex Miscellanea
  • Magus ex Miscellanea

Oxford, Autumn Covenant

  • Magus Vatius ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus
  • Magus Mellard ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus
  • Magus Blaise ex Verditius
  • The Green Man, Magus ex Miscellanea
  • Magus Rafael ex Jerbiton

Riverwinde, Summer Covenant, Mercere House

Amberhill, Summer Covenant

  • Magus Daffyd ex Merinita
  • Magus Heinrich von Kraus ex Tremere
  • Magus Bernard ex Miscellanea
  • Maga Griselda ex Bjornaer

Stormkeep, Spring Covenant

(See Above)

Greenbriar, Spring Covenant

Seven Hills, Winter Covenant

  • Magus ex Criamon
  • Magus ex Verditius

Burnham, Winter Covenant

  • Magus Stephios ex Tytalus
Parens of Magus Ironheart of Blackthorne
  • Magus ex Miscellanea

Nightwatch, Inactive Covenant

  • Magus Claustor ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus, Departed

Alberin's Tower, Missing Covenant

  • Archmagus Alberin ex Miscellanea, Missing

Others in Stonehenge Tribunal


Lineage of Archmagus Verallus

  • Yerlus, Entered Final Twilight
    • Xelces, Archmagus, Levant
      • Jensis, Magus, Normandy
        • Saporus, Magus, Greater Alps (orig. Horus)
  • Doceputos, Archmagus, Stonehenge
    • Mercurios, Archmagus, Rome
      • Apollos, Magus, Thebes (orig. Matthew)
        • Cyrano, Apprentice, Thebes, g.1248
    • Laudatos, Magus, Stonehenge
      • Mary, Apprentice, Stonehenge, g.1237
  • Ar'cus, Hexmaster, Rhine
    • Residi, Magus, Iberia
    • Bruce, Apprentice, Rhine, g.1245
  • Traesecus, Maga, Thebes
    • Correla, Maga, Rome
  • Grellias, Maga, Greater Alps
    • Nortos, Magus, Rhine

Rhine Tribunal

  • Archmagus Nichodemus ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus, Primus of House Bonisagus, Praeco of the Order of Hermes
  • Magus Rommel ex Tytalus, Grim's Ward, parens of Magus Gunsev ex Tytalus

Rome Tribunal

  • Archmagus Mercurios ex Bonisagus beni Bonisagus filia Doceputos
    • Matthew, Apprentice
  • Archmagus Justicius ex Guernicus, Primus of House Guernicus, Presiding Quesitor of the Order of Hermes
  • Magus Shinhus "Rampart" ex Tytalus, Grand-parens of Magus Gunsev ex Tytalus
  • Magus Axios ex Guernicus, Quesitor

Normandy Tribunal

  • Archmagus Jarl ex Mercere
    • Joseph Lucasson, Apprentice, b.1227
Son of Jonas ex Mercere of Stormkeep and Lady Violet, Apprentice at Greenbriar
  • Magus Bullistie ex Tytalus, Primus of House Tytalus
  • Maga Selsius ex Tytalus

Hibernian Tribunal

  • Magus Daduchos ex Merinita

Loch Leglan Tribunal

  • Magus Magnus Frazier ex Tytalus
  • Magus Terros McAllioch ex Tytalus
  • Magus Ungas McAllioch ex Tytalus
  • Magus Kail "The Forge" ex Tytalus
Eldest known living Magus (born 939 A.D.)
Founder of the Grim's Ward
Great-Grand-parens of Magus Gunsev ex Tytalus