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"Modest and humble. Things I would not have expected to find in a Quesitor. Yet when it comes to it, he finds the strength to perform his tasks. That is respectable. Even if he is unable to win the fight, he is strong enough to stand up to the call. Admirable."


"Fabian is a shining example of the Quesitor ideal. I have always treasured the time we have spent adventuring together, and consider myself fortunate to call him amicus. I fear sometimes he worries himself overly much, but his wisdom has grown even since our venture to Stormkeep."


"Great potential, great hesitation. As a Quesitor, he is resilient and decisive. As a Magus, he hesitates when he smells true power. He is afraid of what he is, or what he was....which of these, I am unsure. He needs to learn there is no difference between his two faces. Like me, he is simply turning different sides of the Truth to the light. He needs to learn who he really is."