Strangers in a Strange Land OSE:Ulf

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  • Human Sorcerer 6
  • XP: 50k/80k
  • Neutral
  • Primary PC of The Wyzard


  • STR 12
  • INT 14 (+1)
  • WIS 11
  • DEX 13 (+1)
  • CON 11
  • CHA 14 (+1)


  • Languages
    • Common
    • Faery
  • General Skills
    • 1: Riding: All PCs can ride a horse under normal conditions, but the riding skill allows the character to cast spells, attack or perform tricks on horseback. Must be selected again for exotic animals.
    • 1: Deception: Sense Motive Expert 5+ (no description)
    • 1: Magical Engineering Proficient, 15+ (Int +1). Identify magical items, enchantments, etc. Important for crafting magical items.
    • 1: Survival: Tracking Expert, 5+. Follow tracks left by individuals. Modifiers will apply based on terrain, age of tracks, size of group being followed, etc.
    • 1: Survival: Navigation Expert 5+ (Int +1). Make and read maps, navigate by stars, landmarks, cardinal directions, etc.
    • Note: Ulf doesn't have formal training or experience in survival or tracking. It's just that the stars and the stones, etc., speak to him.
  • Knacks
    • Toughness
    • Metamagic
  • Weapon Proficiencies
    • Staffs


  • AC 8
  • HP 27
  • Movement Rate 120
  • Initiative Modifier +1
  • Attacks
    • Staff of Striking: 17+, 1d4, or 2d6 by expending a charge.
  • Saves:
    • Petrification & Paralysis 11
    • Poison & Death 12
    • Blast & Breath 11
    • Staves & Wands 14
    • Spells 12


  • First Level Spells, 4/day
    • Sleep
    • Charm Person
    • Magic Missile
  • Second Level Spells 3/day
    • ESP
    • Knock
    • Web
  • Third Level Spells 2/day
    • Fireball
    • Protection from Normal Missiles
    • Hold Person
  • Metamagic 3
    • Careful Spell (variable). Designate a number of targets equal to the number of points spent within the area of effect of a spell. These creatures automatically succeed on any required saving throws.
    • Distant Spell (1 point). Double the range of a spell, or, if the range is touch, increase the range to 20’.
    • Empowered Spell (variable). Reroll a number of damage dice, taking the new result. Each die rerolled costs 1 point.
    • Extended Spell (2 points). Spells with a duration of longer than Instant have their duration doubled, to a maximum duration of 24 hours.
    • Heightened Spell (3 points). The target of a heightened spell rolls any saving throw twice, taking the worse of the two results.
    • Quickened Spell (4 points). The character casts this spell quickly. They may cast an additional spell in the same round, provided the second spell is no higher than 2nd level.
    • Subtle Spell (2 points). Can be cast without verbal or somatic components.
    • Twinned Spell (variable). When casting a spell that affects a single individual and doesn’t have a range of self the sorcerer can affect another target within 5’ of the original by spending one point per spell level.


  • Gear, Armor, Weapons: 253
    • Weapons & Armor: Staff of Striking, Silver Dagger. (50)
    • Gear: Backpack, Bedroll, Tinderbox, Torches (6), Hand Mirror, Small case of hygiene supplies, 2 sets of good-quality traveling clothes, Scroll-case with several sheets of vellum and wax pastels, Scroll case for Scrolls, Crowbar, 7 days normal rations, Waterskin, Belt pouch (as a small sack), whistle. (80)
    • Magic Items: Potion of flying, Scroll of Protection from lycanthropes, Scroll with Massmorph & Wall of stone, Crystal Ball (23)
    • Treasure: 100 platinum (100)
  • Beasts of Burden:
    • Dark Star: a Riding Horse
    • saddle, bridle, tack & saddle-bags. 3 weeks iron rations


Ulf was a simple, even slow-witted, farmboy until the age of 16. One night he awoke and it seemed to him that the world was merely painted on the sky, and that the stars and stones spoke to him. The next morning he felt magic in his chest like a second heartbeat. He destroyed several people who had been his tormentors, and the villagers "happily" gave him good clothes, a horse, and other things, in return for him leaving immediately. He now seeks adventure. Rumors that he burned down half the town are vicious lies. It was no more than 10%, and probably only 5.