Strangers in a Strange Land OSE:Ulf

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  • Human Sorcerer 6
  • XP: 50k/80k
  • Neutral
  • Primary PC of The Wyzard


  • STR 12
  • INT 14 (+1)
  • WIS 11
  • DEX 13 (+1)
  • CON 11
  • CHA 14 (+1)


  • Languages
    • Common
    • Faery
  • General Skills
    • 1: Riding: All PCs can ride a horse under normal conditions, but the riding skill allows the character to cast spells, attack or perform tricks on horseback. Must be selected again for exotic animals.
    • 1: Deception: Sense Motive Expert 5+ (no description)
    • 1: Magical Engineering Proficient, 15+ (Int +1). Identify magical items, enchantments, etc. Important for crafting magical items.
    • 1: Survival: Tracking Expert, 5+. Follow tracks left by individuals. Modifiers will apply based on terrain, age of tracks, size of group being followed, etc.
    • 1: Survival: Navigation Expert 5+ (Int +1). Make and read maps, navigate by stars, landmarks, cardinal directions, etc.
    • Note: Ulf doesn't have formal training or experience in survival or tracking. It's just that the stars and the stones, etc., speak to him.
  • Knacks
    • Toughness
    • Metamagic
  • Weapon Proficiencies
    • Staffs


  • AC 8
  • HP ???
  • Movement Rate 120
  • Initiative Modifier +1
  • Attacks
    • Staff of Striking: 17+, 1d4, or 2d6 by expending a charge.
  • Saves:
    • Petrification & Paralysis 11
    • Poison & Death 12
    • Blast & Breath 11
    • Staves & Wands 14
    • Spells 12


  • First Level Spells, 4/day
    • Sleep
    • Charm Person
    • Magic Missile
  • Second Level Spells 3/day
    • ESP
    • Knock
    • Web
  • Third Level Spells 2/day
    • Fireball
    • Protection from Normal Missiles
    • Hold Person
  • Metamagic 3
    • Careful Spell (variable). Designate a number of targets equal to the number of points spent within the area of effect of a spell. These creatures automatically succeed on any required saving throws.
    • Distant Spell (1 point). Double the range of a spell, or, if the range is touch, increase the range to 20’.
    • Empowered Spell (variable). Reroll a number of damage dice, taking the new result. Each die rerolled costs 1 point.
    • Extended Spell (2 points). Spells with a duration of longer than Instant have their duration doubled, to a maximum duration of 24 hours.
    • Heightened Spell (3 points). The target of a heightened spell rolls any saving throw twice, taking the worse of the two results.
    • Quickened Spell (4 points). The character casts this spell quickly. They may cast an additional spell in the same round, provided the second spell is no higher than 2nd level.
    • Subtle Spell (2 points). Can be cast without verbal or somatic components.
    • Twinned Spell (variable). When casting a spell that affects a single individual and doesn’t have a range of self the sorcerer can affect another target within 5’ of the original by spending one point per spell level.


  • Gear, Armor, Weapons:
    • Weapons & Armor: Staff of Striking, Dagger.
    • Gear: Backpack, Bedroll, Tinderbox, Torches (6), Hand Mirror, Small case of hygiene supplies, 2 sets of good-quality traveling clothes, Scroll-case with several sheets of vellum and wax pastels, Crowbar, 7 days normal rations, Waterskin, Belt pouch (as a small sack), whistle.
    • Magic Items: Potion of flying, Scroll of Protection from lycanthropes, Scroll with Massmorph & Wall of stone
    • Treasure: 9kGP less stuff
  • Beasts of Burden:
    • Dark Star: a Riding Horse
    • saddle, bridle, tack & saddle-bags.