Sun Ching

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Sun Ching[edit]

Bless this House [-1] Guide My Hand [-1] Righteousness [-2] Channeling - Kinetomancy [-2] Adjusted Refresh: 2

Force Item: Staff - Force Offense +1 Ring - Force Shield Defense +1


High Concept: A monk in Tsing Shan Monastery who is a kinetomancer
Trouble: I've lost my family to the Khmer Rouge, and they want to finish the job
Background: Fleeing memories of war and his past to an unknown future
Rising Conflict: Family and history are still there, but the eightfold path and ten precepts are my future
First Adventure: I came to Hong Kong for refuge. And I will help keep Hong Kong a place for refuge.
Guest Starring:Through meditation comes strength and power
Guest Starring Redux: Always take time to enjoy the people around you.!


Superb (+5): Discipline, Conviction
Great (+4): Scholarship, Empathy
Good (+3):Endurance, Lore
Fair (+2): Weapons (Staff), Fists
Average (+1): Alertness, Athletics


Khmer, Sanskrit, Mandarin, Cantonese, English


Fate Points: 2


[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] +1 mild mental consequence
[ ] [ ]




Sun Ching is an ethnic Chinese who grew up in Cambodia during the time of the Khmer Rouge. His father was a fighter of the Armée National Sihanoukiste (ANS) and as Sun Ching was growing up he was preparing to do the same. One day his camp was ambushed by government forces. Sun Ching’s father and brothers were killed along with most of those in the camp. And in his fear, Sun Ching willed a tree to crash on some government soldiers, enabling his escape. But when he could catch his breathe, he was afraid of what he did and fled. He was taken in by Buddhist monks, who listened to his story without judgement. And eventually sent him to the Tsing Shan Monastery in Hong Kong, where he choose to stay and eventually become ordained as a monk, under the teaching of the superiors there. Who knew far more than just the wisdom of the ages.

The monks of Tsing Shan are aware of the supernatural, and over the centuries have developed means of existing in that world. Sun was not the first practitioner to seek refuge behind its gates. And not the first to be followed either. A necromancer who was with the Khmer Rouge was following a young wizard who had fled to Tsing Shan seeking refuge as well. Sun was in the way and he fought back. Weakened by the efforts to get around the threshold and not expecting another practitioner in front of him, the necromancer fled to fight another day, and was ambushed by Jade Court vampires not liking the idea of a foreign necromancer in Hong Kong. While the necromancer was not after him, the superiors told Sun that the monkhood was not a way to hide from the world. And as he learned the disciplines of the eightfold path, and tutelage in his powers, he meditated on the fact that someday, he needed to reconcile to who he was

Word came to Tsing Shan that there was a new refugee who was speaking gibberish and causing a disturbance. Since the boat came from Cambodia Sun Ching was sent in the hopes that he could help. The woman was indeed speaking Khmer, but there was something else too. A night and day of prayer and meditation by the monks there led to an amulet in her bag, and a spirit that howled into the night and fled.

Sun Ching got a call from St. Joseph's House. Father O'Cearbhallain was expecting a guest soon, and he feared that the Red Court would soon be following. And as expected Bishop came after just arriving in Hong Kong, with Red Court in hot pursuit. And he found of all things a Buddhist monk meditating in a room off the side of the front door. "This place is safe" The Red Court came. And ran into a threshold backed up by the strength of a day of meditation and prayer knowing exactly what was on its way. Not today Red Court.

Sun was out walking restless one evening enjoying the Hong Kong evening and looking approvingly on the young couples doing the same. He noticed one such couple, that seems preoccupied with what was behind them as much as each other. They bump into him, an obvious American man and Amanda Raith, whom Sun has met before. "Quickly, go that way" Sun points at an alley to the left. Soon after a couple of men turn the corner and also bump into Sun. Vampires. "You, a couple came by, which way did they go." Sun gives them a proper enigmatic monk smile and takes a breathe as if about to start into a homily. "Never mind, out of our way monk!" as they go down the street.

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