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SUPERS! RED Century City

This wiki is for the Supers! RED game Adventure 1 - "The Menace Out of Time!" (semi-secret until opening post in IC)

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Emergent, a pack of hyper-intelligent Hive-mind rats, played by @Timon

Wraith, ghost-like ex-villain turned hero, played by @Potted Plant

Singularity, Elemental conrol (gravity), played by Xhaosdemon

NPC Heroes

Electronaut, elemental control (electronics), played by @DavidStallard

Slime, extra-dimensional alien heroine, played by @Silvercat Moonpaw

Dark Rider, a man who can turn into a hotrod, played by @The Wyzard


Enigma was one of the darker heroes of yesteryear. He eased up as time went on, but he stayed active until he was nearly 70. He finally slowed down too much, though, and got badly hurt. He's recovering slowly, from a walker to a cane, but he may never get past the cane. (Enigma was a little bit of a Shadow/Classic Sandman expy. Just read Matt Wagner's run on both of those characters. Built mostly as a Crimefighter, but with a touch of psychic ability. That's faded, too, as his health fails, but he still has occasional flashes of precognition.) After the tryouts, Enigma approached Derek and clapped him on the back. Enigma told him that he believed in him, that people with no powers at all had done great work before, and had a talk with him. At the end, Enigma gave Derek one of his own personal .45 automatics. Battered, but pearl-handled, engraved, and in perfect working order. Enigma had a coughing fit that rattled his emaciated frame, and there were spots of red in his handkerchief afterwards. "I don't have a lot of time left, Rider, and I never cared to have a family. That pistol brought an end to the Black Street Cannibal, Blood Goblin, and probably Pierrot...never found the body for that one. I could go in the ground in peace if I knew you brought down one last monster with it."

Great Falcon[1], Archetype: Mutant Animal Avatar. Brad Whiteworth was a unnatually strong hero who had hawk like wings that granted him the ability for fly. He was a skilled combatant and tactician who acted as the team leader of the Centurions in the 90's and early 2000. Tragically he was killed in the fight against a high tech villain by the name of Trophy Hunter in a battle sparked by the Atomic Brain in 2004.

Terra - she is able to shape an ecosystem to serve her needs, weather, terrain and animals. People underestimated her until her battle with the League of Warlocks in which she utterly obliterated them with devastating storms, poisonous plants with grasping vines, thick clouds of venomous insects, hordes of vicious animals and several major earthquakes. In later years she has become less and less engaged with human affairs and spends more and more time communing with the wilderness , going for weeks on end to the state park and just sinking into the ground, seeking to "balance the forces".

Trapper alias William McFarland (retired): Archetype: Gadgeteer, Main power: Super Science, Personality (public): Eccentric genius, Personality (private): Reclusive hermit. Trapper looks like a grizzled outdoorsman, He has a huge, bushy black beard, wears thick outdoors clothing and a wide-brimmed hat with a mask that covers his eyes, and carries a backpack that is usually full of various gadgets. He does not look that much different in private, he just has a woollen cap in place of the hat and mask and may or may not have the backpack. And his beard is actually blonde. He dyes it black when going out as Trapper. Well, his beard used to be blonde, these days it has gone white. Even though few people would guess it from the way he looks, William McFarland is an accomplished scientist with several doctorates and a number of patents to his name. He has a house some distance outside Century City where he used to tinker with various inventions. Testing out those inventions sometimes caused incidents, and after the one known as Century City UFO Scare that involved an out of control high-tech drone zooming over the city, he got invited to join the task force that would become the Centurions so he could try out his inventions in a more controlled fashion. Trapper is one of the oldest members of the original Centurions. His role in the team was to build devices to counter the various tricks and powers of their supervillain opponents. As his name hints at, he specialized in various traps to incapacitate or capture those opponents. McFarland is getting far too old to chase after supervillains, and he is looking forward to a quiet retirement at his country home. Quiet may be a relative term, though. He has no plans to stop tinkering with inventions, and although he has no children of his own, he has a cadre of grandnieces and -nephews, some of whom show promising technical aptitude.


The Five Rings[2]. This mythical martial arts group is rarely seen and then mostly only in Little Japan and New China City neighborhoods. They each possess various powerful mythical spell like abilities and martial art forms. Their leader is called Crane and other members are called Tiger, Bear, Swan and Monkey. Their origins and ultimate goals are unknown but they do seem to be protective of their neighborhoods.


The Atomic Master[3], Archetype: Battlesuit/Gadgeteer. The Atomic Master is an unrivaled super-genius inventor who has created technology beyond anything else the world knows. He has masterminded, behind the scenes, hundreds of plots and schemes over the last 30 years but rarely appears himself. While perfectly capable of defending himself against most heroes he prefers to work behind the scenes. He also appears to be immortal as he is had appearantly aged in all that time and has come back from 'the dead' on more the one occasion.

The Electrocutioner[4], Archetype: Elemental controller (lightning and electrical). Electrocutiner is an arch rival of Terra. Generally a thug of mastermind villain, not much of a planner himself.

Iron Lotus[5], Archetype: Martial Artist. Iron Lotus is mutant martial artist whom can cling to walls and become invisible in shadows. A mutant for hire in the supervillain world.

Moonsong is Dark Rider's nemesis, a master martial artist and organised crime leader. She rarely shows her own face, instead working through hordes of faceless thugs, ninjas, gangsters, etc. Her gang members wear wear moon and stars type insignia for their colors. They're engaged in a lot of drug trade, human trafficking, protection rackets, and so forth. She's not part of the super-science or weird powers set for the most part. You can amass a lot of money and power with nothing but knives, guns, and opiates. You don't need a jetpack or a freeze ray. Moonsong is vicious, but she is absolutely theatrical as well, and may have an actual theater background.

Oil Spill[6], Archetype: Mimic/Elemental Controller (oily substance). Oil Spill is an eco-terrorist who seems more interested in causing harm and destruction then saving the planet.



Century City is a port city on the west coast of northern California. Its a good sized city of four million residences. It is a high tech center with a lot of the worlds and USA leading tech companies and think tanks located here. The city itself is fairly safe but a new criminal element is making a move as the old guard is set of step back (its as if they have been planning this for a while).

The city is as the adventure opens holding a call to recruit new heroes to become the newest team of Centurions for the city. The older heroes are retiring or want to take a less active role in super-heroin.


Century City Port. Terminals, wharves, piers, Coast Guard Base, and facilities for bulk cargo, petroleum, and LNG shipment. The port is busy at all times of the hour, although a bit less so at night. It also features and area known as Portside, tucked inland between the port proper and the rest of the city. Portside is primarily a mixed demographic, low-income area mostly populated by dock workers. And also where David lives. The people of Portside are such a varied lot that they do not generally mind who their neighbors are.

Fontaine Quarter. An older mixed-use residential and commercial zone. Was the heart of the city decades ago, now pushed out by a newer area with high-rise towers. It's a place of wide streets, foot traffic, lots of roundabouts and large decorative fountains. The buildings are mostly older, nothing taller than ten stories, often with classic or art deco architecture. It's common to have shops and offices on the first few floors, and apartments or condos above that. The neighborhood is considered trendy.

Lantern Row. This neighborhood was setting originally by Chinese coming to work the railways. The family that settled here came from a district that had traditionally that included the lighting of lanterns, some that were floating on the rivers and streams of the area and others on balloons. The city adopted the tradition but it is still a common sight in many of the local businesses, shops and restaurants.

Hermosa Canción. Beautiful Song in Spanish this neighborhood is located south of the downtown area. Having a Latino population the area is full of many popular resturants and the park around Costanze Lake, a small lake surrounded by the neigherhood.

Ridgeway. Once the center of old money in the city this rundown neighborhood fell on hard times in the 80's when the city was hit by a mild earthquake. However Ridgeway was closer to the epicenter and suffered a great deal of damage. Many of its residences lost much of their wealth or moved way. At first the city was investing in rebuilding but legal matters hauled much of this and today many of the great mansions of last century are overgrown ruins.

Riverside. Built along the Yurok River this neighborhood is made up mostly of apartment complexes, strip malls and large car dealerships. There are hundreds are local eaters here and multiple large malls. There are also a few industrial parks and business development zones. Crime is not especially common there are a couple of smaller local gangs include the street biker gang 'The Death Korp.

Suburban Hills. A gated community close to the city, but feels like it’s out in the suburbs. Most famous for being right behind the Mark Wahlberg mall, named after the tech company owner (who either isn’t the same person as our MW, or in this timeline he went into tech development instead of acting). The two are also famous together because the Hillsfolk (as their derisively called) snob it up around the mall and refuse to associate with anyone else while there.



The Federal Bureau of Communications Century City Satellite Relay Hub. It’s no longer a relay hub, but instead monitors satellite feeds while doing such things as informing companies if their sats are acting funny and doing cyber-defense. This is where Slime’s mom works so she can tap into global communications.

The Cybernetic Rights Bureau. A semi-governmental organisation that protects the rights of technology-based intelligences, promotes legislation, provides legal services and fights an uphill PR battle against anti-automaton prejudice.


Quest Technologies. Andrew Quest started with a loan and a workshop in his garage. Now in his seventies, the reclusive, visionary inventor has a company that is one of the world leaders, perhaps even the leader in quantum technologies.

Woden Industrial. Founded and run by Maxwell Woodburn this company specializes in the development and sale of military grade weapons and equipment.


Century City University. Is the result of a spatial and political mix-up. A villain named Doctor Distortion, back in the 1920s, attempted to take portions of the city hostage by pinching them off into extradimensional prison-bubbles - entire city blocks would simply disappear from the landscape as though they had never been. He was inspired by Einstein's theories of relativity and believed that if space was curved naturally, it could be twisted and manipulated artificially. He was right! But his scheme was foiled by the heroes of the time, and the destruction of his machine resulted in the creation of a new, large space in the center of the city, with everything naturally rearranged around it. It became politically difficult to do anything with it, as everyone who attempted to lay claim to or purchase the land was accused of being in league with Doctor Distortion in a complex double-play to obtain incredibly valuable real estate. Eventually, in order to ensure no one could be accused of having profited from crime, the land was donated to a not-for-profit and a university was established on the land. Century University is considered a prestigious school and the campus location is incredible. However, it has departments in some otherwise-disreputable fields like parapsychology, cryptozoology, et cetera, which occasionally embarrass the school. The flipside is that they also occasionally produce some results, which is weirdly even more embarrassing. Their interview with Bigfoot from five years back is one of the most-viewed videos on youtube, brought them tens of millions of dollars in money from donations and monetization, and resulted in the construction of a Bigfoot statute on campus that makes them a laughingstock to other schools.

  • Author Miller Physics Labratory



Centurion Street Police Station. The street was originally Brewery Street, for the old brewery building on it. That building got demolished a long time ago during a fight with Centurions and the supervillain Rampage, now serving a life sentence at Century City Hypermax. Where the brewery stood is now Centurion Park, and the street has been renamed. The police station was constructed and opened a few decades ago with much pomp and fanfare for Division C, a special police division to counter incidents of supercrime. The division was highly trained, they had the best gear money could buy - and all that proved insufficient to deal with the various unconventional powers their targets brought to the game. And not just their targets. Division C often ended up outdone by vigilante superheroes. It became rapidly apparent that Century City needed superheroes to deal with supervillains, and some of the more reliable vigilantes and other people were invited to join the team that became the Centurions. The police station is still there, and so is Division C, but much diminished in role. They still deal with supercrime, but largely act as support force for Centurions. They are the first responders who call the Centurions, keep bystanders away, and afterwards take statements, collect and file the evidence, write the incident reports, and generally deal with all the bureaucracy and other unglamorous parts of dealing with supercrime.

Centurion Tower. Located in downtown Century City on Alpha Avenue, this 20 story building houses the city's hero team, the Centurions. The top five floors of the town make up the teams headquarters. Lower floors include a number of business and city offices.

  • Building Roof: Has been reinforced and allowed helicopter and other VTOL aircraft
  • 20th Floor: This floor is dominated by a machine shop for vehicle repair and refueling. It also includes a storage area where a vehicle VTOL vehicle can be stored within the tower. There is machinary for the team's advanced communication hardware located here (satellite uplink, etc.)
  • 19th Floor: This floor includes over a dozen workshops and labratories.
  • 18th Floor: This floor include the team's Danger Room and excerise rooms with various work out equipment for a wide range of powers.
  • 17th Floor: This floor includes an independent fusion power plant and houses computer shervers and center for the A.D.A.M. AI system. Also include main communication and confrence room for the team to link to most world-wide communication systems.
  • 16th Floor: This floor includes the Centurion's living quarters (10 fairly large apartment style rooms. There is a central entertaiment room along with a few secure offices for use as city or federal agents.

Century City Hypermax. A prison for supervillains, not in the city proper but instead to the northeast of the city on the eastern side of Ares Military Base. What exact methods are used to contain the inmates and keep them from using their powers are a huge secrets, but few people have ever escaped.


Century City Library: there are many branches spread throughout the city but the Down Town brank library is by far the largest and most popular. This 8 story glass and steel structure has seating for over two hundred patrons and a large helpful staff.


Ares Military Base. On the northeastern edge of Century City located in the high wooded hills located there, this Army base is used as a military testing site for many of the weapons and systems developed by Woden Industrial for the US Military. The hills around it cut down on any noise pollution and it is fenced off with multiple layers of detection devices and patrolled heavily by military police to keep the curious out.


Century Park. A large sprawling, rolling hills park filled with plenty of open grass fields, with a small stream and four small ponds and multiple crops of trees shattered throughout. Very popular and frequented by many of the city's residence.

Centurion Park. Centurion Park is much smaller than the city's famous Century Park. Situated near the Centurion Street Police Station, it is mainly a memorial park for both the wins and losses of Centurions and their associates - mainly Division C police officers - in their efforts to protect Century City from supercrime and related incidents.

Costanze Park and Lake: located in the Hermosa Canción neighborhood this park and the lake itself is popular all year round. There are very few private homes on the lake shore and the city has set most of the area around the lake as a public park.

Wyre Forest Wolf Nature Preserve. Aka Werewolf Forest. It's a large state park adjacent to and inland from the city, with campgrounds and so forth. There's lots of hills, woods, whatever. Also, a hydroelectric dam holding up a large, picturesque lake. Lots of people go there to hike, jog, camp, fish, whatever. There are no actual werewolves, although there are some regular wolves in the deeper areas of the preserve.

Century Mountain. An old extinct volcanos with an elevation of just under 15,000 feet, its snow covered peak can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.


Bellisario's. Named after the semi-famous maxim, it’s a “eat-and-drink-ery” that specializes in not asking questions about anything weird that happens inside, so long as people don’t do anything nasty to each other. Translation: It’s the urban fantasy crowd’s hang-out.

Burger Blaster. This popular local burger chain can be found through out the city at one of their 24 locations (with two new ones on the way). Specializing in large, meaty burgers they also have come to embrace (and master) multiple types of veggie burgers

Perlaine's Espresso Bars. These cafe are a city feature, famous for their buttermilk crunch cake and very, very strong "bad morning" coffee.


The Sentinel Statue. This statue appeared about ten years ago on the corner of Quark Street and Particle Avenue. It is a large figure of a hooded creature releasing a bird and seems to be made of green marble. Attempts to analyse, dismantle, relocate or take samples. of it fail due to ever-increasing bad luck, one of which caused the death of a particularly stubborn Brick hero. It is on the Centurion's extremely long watch-list but seems to be utterly inert.

The Underground. After a large flood due to a tidal wave decades ago, a whole area of the city sank. It was simultaneously built over and cleared out, and expanded into an underground storage complex carved into the limestone hills. There's now a WEIRDLY extensive underground are of the city, with its own mall, neighborhoods, streets, and stores. There are a few "facade" buildings in the above-ground areas over. They look like regular houses or (closed) shops, but don't have an interior. Instead they're basically enormous ventilation units pulling stale air out of the underground.


Mayor Gordon A. Hoffa. The mayor of Century City for the last 9 years, he is fairly popular "looking to the future" agenda.


The Night Stalkers. A gang of young urban fantasy creatures who ran around posing as powered humans and being anti-hero vigilantes. They're currently incarcerated.