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The Astrologer

Image Resistances (4D) Aptitudes (7D)
The astrologer.jpg
Composure 2D
Fortitude 2D
Reaction 1D
Will 3D
Academia 2D
Arts and Crafts 2D
Awareness 2D
Occultism 4D
Powers (11D) Adds/Disadds (-2D)
Wizardry 5D (Additional Powers)
Social Hindrance (-2D)

Competency Pool: 1D


Right now, the thing that I'm orbiting is a green caste Earth-raised Twiceborn. Bred to be the brains of the war machine of the Trifold empire, they have instead come of age on Earth, entirely steeped in human culture. They didn't have a purpose in this world... Earthlings aren't given purposes... they find them. Despite the grumbling of their (Family? Community mates? Elders?), they found themselves identifying more with the Earth than with the Empire.

They attended a primarily-human university... their genetically engineered talents for logical thought and research helping them excel in the hard sciences... but their relative difficulty with less structured fields was a tantalizing draw. The things which they did not innately understand felt foreign and exciting. Painting, folklore, music, poetry, literature... they abandoned the comfortable realm of STEM for the strange wilderness beyond.

And then, after a chance encounter with a guest lecturer -- Professor Sibyl Choi (aka the Soothsayer) -- brought in jointly by the high energy / dimensional physics department and the esoteric and metaphysical studies, they found the strangest field of all...

Played by: MrPrim