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=Wendell Priest/ Conservator=
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=== Backstory ===
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= Sheet =
== Combat ==
Physical stress: [][]
Mental stress: [][]
== Aspects ==
High Concept (Mundane): '''Mundane'''
High Concept (Super): '''Super'''
Trouble: '''Trouble'''
'''Phase 1'''
'''Phase 2'''
'''phase 3'''
== Skills ==
=== Superb +5 ===
Driver of the morning sun
=== Great +4 ===
Create Ushabti
=== Good +3 ===
Light of renewal
=== Fair +2 ===
=== Average +1 ===
===Super skills descriptions===
Driver of the morning sun:
Harnessing the crystal Khepri’s power, Wendell is able to produce glowing spheres of light and heat- miniature suns- that he can hurl at a destructive speed or even ride
Create Ushabti:
Khepri’s role as creator and life giver made it so that his relevant artifact allows its wielder to create golems (specifically Egyptian Ushabti, originally servants in the afterlife) which can perform simple tasks, if created quickly, and more complicated ones if created over longer periods of time
Seemingly a side effect of the artifact’s insectoid nature, is that it gives Wendell the ability to speak to beetles and similar organisms 
Light of Renewal:
Khepri literally translates to transform or renew, allowing Wendell to create a light that reverses the effects of age and destruction, on a small scale. This applies or both living and non-living things, making Wendell able to heal injuries  and repair small amounts of damage done to structures. This effect on,y goes so far back, and requires more time and energy for significant change
== Stunts ==
As an archaeologist, Wendell gets a +2 bonus to Academia if it has anything to do with ancient history 
'''Light Armor'''
When standing in direct sunlight, Khepri solidifies it around Wendell into Armour, giving him 2 AR
'''Shield of reason'''
Wendell can use Academics as a defense against Provoke attempts, provided he can justify his ability to overcome your fear through rational thought and reason.
'''Venomous Whispers'''
The stone python allows Wendell to use Occult in place of provoke, provided he has ample time and ability to consult him
= Story =
== Origin Issue==
On behalf of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, up and coming archaeologist Wendell Priest is sent to a potential new tomb just of the valley of the kings. While initially successful in opening and entering the tomb, member’s of Wendell’s exploration party are picked off one by one by various traps as well as deterioration of the tomb as a whole. Alone, Wendell reached the center of the tomb, finding an ornate jeweled scarab beetle; the Jeweled Khepri. The artifact, perhaps due to Wendell’s nature as a preserver of the past, or because he was the first person to touch it in millennia, bound to him. Unfortunately, this sealed him in the tomb, the seal he broke to enter cursing him. Trapped for decades, Wendell does not age, nor suffer from lack of food or water, but has to deal with isolation that nearly drives him mad. The tomb is reopened, Wendell is freed into a world which he does not understand and that constantly surprise him.
Aspect: '''1920s Archaeologist'''
== Issue One ==
Wendell’s shell-shock at the transformation of society does not wear out quickly. Soon after release, he becomes a recluse, a ghost. Frequenting old haunts, locking himself in old abandoned buildings. At first it’s only Khepri that drives him to do good, forcing him out of his stasis. The courage that had been absent from the man many many years ago finally returned when he protected a family from a robbery of a priceless heirloom
Aspect: '''Reformed Coward'''
== Issue Two ==
Upon reaching Leyline island, Wendell is appointed as curator of the Egyptology section of the museum. Throughout his time there, he thwarts many heists, thefts, and even goes to retrieve stolen or trafficked artifacts. All of this eventually leads him to an group of the super-wealthy who anonymously buy and transport priceless historical artifacts. He has yet to take them all Dow
Aspect: '''Protector of the Past'''
== Issue Three ==
During his rounds at the museum, Wendell discovers a hidden inscription on a Mycenaean vase on loan to the museum. This leads him on an around-the globe treasure hunt for remains of the python, Apollo’s 1st oracle. Racing against other seekers with less moral intentions, Wendell puts his old archaeological skills, as well as new found powers, to use, eventually discovering the oracle. Petrified and crumbling. Before python and his temple are completely destroyed- not without picture evidence being taken- Wendell breaks off a chunk of the tail, accidentally breathing life into it in the process. Thus the Python has a successor. A small, stone successor, but a successor nonetheless, that coils itself around Wendell’s wrist.
Aspect: '''Father of the stone python'''
=Allies, Sidekicks and Rogues=

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