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Refresh: 3

Physical stress: [][][]{}

Mental stress: [][][]

WR: +2 gravity manipulation, +1 Gadgeteer

AR: +2(+3 against guns) Armour, +1 Gadgeteer


High Concept (Mundane): Scientific Genius High Concept (Super): Built A Gravity Gun

Trouble: Insatiable Curiosity


Push the Frontiers

Reckless Daredevil

Protect the Innocent

Unified Theory


Superb +5

Gravity Manipulator

Great +4



Good +3




Fair +2




Sensor Suite

Average +1






Super skills descriptions

Gravity Manipulator : A device wired into the armor that allows him to change the strength and direction of the pull of gravity for himself and others.

Armor: Prototype battle dress, with life support and a low-powered exoskeleton. (Super Physique)

Sensor Suite: An assortment of alternative vision modes and EM detectors built into or added to the armor.


Slip the Surly Bonds

Can use Gravity Manipulator to fly at full rank.

Man of Science

Use Science lore in place of another skill during a challenge, allowing you to use Science twice in the same challenge

SuperTech Armour

Based on alien technology and numerous tinkering to incorporate grav control fields You get +1 AR when in you superTech armour, This upgrades to +2 When dealing with Mundane Firearms.

Acrobatic Dodge

+2 to Athletics when avoiding someone attempting to block movement between zones


Origin Issue

Dr. Eric Salazar allowed the prospect of working on beyond-cutting-edge physics lure him into working for a dubious think tank that was a front for an even more dubious organization. By the time he'd reversed-engineered a salvaged UFO component into a gravity manipulation device he realized he'd made an enormous mistake, so he wired his device into the prototype battle armor in the lab next door and submitted his resignation. Implosions were involved.

Aspect: Push the Frontiers

Issue One

Running from your former employers, dodging high-tech goons and minor supervillains as you try and contact the World Heroes, should not be this much fun. Flying is like cliff diving but you never hit the water, parachuting but you never pull the cord, and all with lasers to keep things interesting. Eric feels a just a little bit disappointed when the cavalry shows up.

Aspect: Reckless Daredevil

Issue Two

Eager to use his newly-built technology, Eric responded to a police scanner call to confront the Confounder, a villain who uses sonic waves to confuse his targets, as he robbed a bank. He brought he villain in, but the collateral damage nearly destroyed the bank and injured several bystanders. Horrified, he promises himself not to let this happen again

Aspect: Protect the Innocent

Issue Three

Eric regretted he didn't get the chance to interview the man - what was he calling himself, "Rageflame"? - after he stopped him from using what appeared to be actual hellfire to wreak revenge for a number of real and imagined slights. Like most scientists worth their salt from the last 60 years he'd taken a run at reconciling standard physics and paraphysics, but he'd never taken a close look at magic. Maybe the key was there? It was at least worth a look.

Aspect: Unified Theory

Invention list


1. Aspect


2. Aspect


3. Aspect


4. Aspect


Past inventions



Allies, Sidekicks and Rogues