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=Past forms=
==Past forms==
=Allies, Sidekicks and Rogues=
=Allies, Sidekicks and Rogues=

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Jane Dee (Cassandra (Cassie) Young)


A chubby woman about 5'5" (165 cm) tall with a somewhat ruddy white complexion. She dyes her shoulder-length hair lilac and mostly wears it loose and down, but she pulls it up into a bun when she's n costume.


As Jane Dee, she wears a long backless black dress, with combat boots and pale violet tights on her legs, and a matching violet mask around her eyes obscuring her identity. She initially wore a cape in a darker violet but she ended up pulling it off and tossing it away everytime she needed some extra arms and got tired of that.


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Physical stress: [][]{}{}

Mental stress: [][]


AR: +1 Unreal body (+ 1 from shapeshifting)


High Concept (Mundane): Still Lily's Mom High Concept (Super): Reconstructible Body of Horror Stories

Trouble: Hunted for the Book


Like Mother, Like Daughter, After All

Neither Book Nor Human


I Won't Be Like My Ancestors


Superb +5


Great +4

Augmenting Constructs


Good +3


Unreal Body


Fair +2

Skill 7





Average +1






Super skills descriptions

Augmenting Constructs: Dee's connection to the Book allows her to temporarily sprout new limbs and other bodily features of strange appearance.

Unreal Body: The Cassandra Young that the Book let back out was not quite the same, particularly in that her body is no longer physically real, giving her the capacity to pass through solid objects.


Remarkably Good With all Those Little Wings

Cassie can use her full Augmenting Constructs rank for flying with her wings rather than half.

Immaterial Form

+1 to Armor Rating due to her Unreal Body.

Attentive Mother

+2 when she uses Notice to notice something that's putting Lily in danger.

Wrote the Manual

Cassie can use her Science Lore skill instead of Crafts to operate, break, fix, or modify machinery.


Origin Issue

A few years after her estranged mother's death, Cassie Young finally returned to her mother's home in rural Massachusetts to sort through some of the late woman's personal effects. Among them she found a curious book, large, leatherbound, and quite old, with no markings of any type on cover nor spine. Opening the strange volume, she found densely packed text in a confusing and unfamiliar alphabet, but before she could attempt to puzzle over it for more than a moment, Cassie found herself pulled into the book. Precisely one hour later, the book spat her back out again, without a single memory of the intervening time but with the knowledge that she had gained new power from it.

Aspect: Like Mother, Like Daughter, After All

Issue One

Cassandra's experience with the book thoroughly distracted from her previous plans of going through her mother's possessions and papers; now she needed to understand these new strange powers. First of all, she needed to learn how to force the immaterial unreal body that came out of the book to manifest physically enough to actually touch anything. As she explored these things, she came to notice that she was no longer precisely the same person she had been before the book in ways beyond the physical: she had lost some memories of her past experiences and actions, and others felt newly incomprehensible to the person she had become. In their place, she found new knowledge, of the occult, of her newfound transformative powers, of her family's secret sorcerous history.

Aspect: Neither Book Nor Human

Issue Two

With her newfound powers somewhat under control, Cassie took on the nom de guerre of Jane Dee and began to dip her toe into the pool of superheroism. She started out with minor problems like helping cats out of trees and the like, but each time she grew more and more confident and took on greater and greater dangers, rapidly getting to the point of running into burning buildings and charging head-on at armed bank robbers. Eventually even with her immaterial body and her monstrous appendages, she bit off more than she could chew, and a confrontation with stage-magician-cum-supervillain The Marvelous Marnate ended with her falling unconscious from the fiftieth story of a skyscraper, saved from a terrifying impact only by her body's immaterial nature. But even this experience left her no more concerned with her own personal safety in future adventures.

Aspect: Risk-Taker

Issue Three

When Cassie eventually returned to sorting through her mother's things, she ended up having yet another mystical experience with a weird artifact... This time, it was a large ruby, and when she touched it, the spirit of a distant maternal ancestor, the sorceress Adrianne Kelley, was released from it. The sorceress was the first mystic to attempt to steal the book from which Cassandra drew her powers. Though she failed and was ultimately returned to the gem, Kelley's villainy cemented in Cassie a conviction that she must not repeat the self-serving power-hungry ambition of her ancestors.

Aspect: I Won't Be Like My Ancestors

Forms list


1. Aspect description

2. Aspect description

3. Aspect 3.1description

4. Aspect 4.1description

Past forms



Allies, Sidekicks and Rogues

Liliana "Lily" Reilly-Young


GM note: hope to never need this section directly

Physical stress: [][]{}{}

Mental stress: [][]

WR: 0

AR: +1


High Concept: I'm a Big Girl!

Trouble: Curiosity Got the Cat in Trouble

Aspect: Loved by Animals

Great +4


Good +3


Fair +2



Average +1




Just a Harmless Kid:

Lily can use Child instead of Deceive when trying to trick someone into underestimating her.