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=Morrigan(Aislinn Raven ni Dermot)=
Tall, with long black hair and blue eyes.
=== Backstory ===
Aislinn is a Wiccan who, during a ritual with her coven, learned that she possessed / is a Shard of Ireland's triune Battle Goddess - specifically, her powers stem from The Morrigan. Her nature is such that she could no longer stay in Ireland with her coven, instead going where battle reigns - though she doesn't have to attend every battle, she couldn't stay in relatively bucolic Ireland.
She makes a mortal living as a Goth model. The money's nowhere near Supermodel territory. Not even at 'major model' territory, but it pays the bills.
= Sheet =
== Combat ==
Refresh: 3
Physical stress: [][]
Mental stress: [][]
WR: 1 (Battle Goddess|Unarmed)
AR: 2 (Immortal Body + Enhanced Strength, where applicable)
== Aspects ==
High Concept (Mundane): ''' Well-known Goth Model'''
High Concept (Super): ''' I am The Morrigan'''
Trouble: '''I miss my sisters.'''
'''Mistress of Unkindness'''
'''All Faith is valid.'''
== Skills ==
=== Superb +5 ===
Mistress of Ravens
=== Great +4 ===
Battle-Goddess (Unarmed Fight)
=== Good +3 ===
Enhanced Strength
Occult Lore
=== Fair +2 ===
=== Average +1 ===
Exotica Lore
===Super skills descriptions===
Mistress of Ravens
Battle Goddess
Enhanced Strength
== Stunts ==
'''Raven Wings'''
Because I can fly, I can switch zones without cost when the barriers are ground based only.
'''Immortal Body'''
Because her body is now empowered by the Shard of a Goddess, she is difficult to hurt, with a constant AR: 1
'''Hard to Hurt'''
In addition to armor, her body is so tough that she gains 1 additional Minor Consequence slot.
You can perform minor magics open to every practitioner of the occult. Use Occult in place of another skill during a challenge, allowing you to use Lore twice in the same challenge.
= Story =
== Origin Issue==
Aislinn was with her Coven at a mystical gathering in Eire when the place was mobbed - though politely - by a huge Unkindness of Ravens. More, she realized that she could understand them, and after the leaders of the various flocks that made up the large grouping had introduced themselves to her, and pledged "Once more" their fealty to The Morrigan, they left - leaving Aislinn with little more to go on, though she quickly learned what being a Goddess meant.
Aspect: '''Mistress of Unkindness'''
== Issue One ==
The threat of Paladin. A zealot attacks all of different faiths than his own, including many Christian groups. Morrigan must stop him.
Aspect: '''All faith is valid.'''
== Issue Two ==
Aspect: (TBD)
== Issue Three ==
Aspect: (TBD)
=Allies, Sidekicks and Rogues=

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