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Surlt was the eldest of the three children of Zar. After a quarrel with his brothers he agreed that the two citadels built by their father should be assigned by casting lots. The knucklebones were thrown and the western citadel was his. On the whole, Surlt has had a peaceful, almost eventless history. Were it not for the constant internecine rivalry between the tribes, the citadel would have no real history at all. It has been a generation since the last full-scale war, known as the Nobody-Won-War, fought with Nidik.

Several years ago Yalaring seized control of Surlt after a personal insult was cast at him by the ruling king. King Yalaring came from a hunting clan. The previous dynasty, the Gadaringers, had reigned for 200 years.

The most notable event of recent history was King Yalaring's "no-pigs" edict in which the king forced all the pig tenders to leave the confines of the citadel walls. He erected a stockade outside to house them. He was nauseated by the smelly, confined domestic animals, but realized that as a staple of the community they were needed.

Yalaring heartily approves of outsiders, and set up the "universal temple" inside the lower bailey, slyly realizing the importance of letting those foreigners and their advancements into his area of control, and incidentally keeping them from King Skilfil of Nidik and from Ockless.

Prominent Persons

- King Yalaring Monsterslayer

- Queen Varnia

- Ogolorph Windshaper

- Eucleia Stormfollower

- Djimm Mith

- Rhegus Whitehair

- Jherem Longshadow

- Zogrosh Runechest

- Willarnia Oakbow

- Stenn the Strong

Points and Places

1. The Pens

2. Outer Court

2a. Griffin Gate

3. Shrine of Surlt

4. Hall of the Master Hunter

5. Red Bear Lodge

6. The Stuck Pig

7. Temple to All Gods: Surlt

8. Yalaring's Stables

9. Warrior's Plaza

10. The King's Tower

12. The Throne Room

13. The North Tower



- Main Page; Griffin Island