Susan Wells

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A character in the Silent Hill-Homecoming PBP game.


Susan Wyeth was a reporter who liked fighting her way up into a man's world. She enjoyed getting the better of her rivals, outmaneuvering and outperforming the men and women who would try to keep her down. Born and bred in New York City, she's tough, no nonsense, and can hold her own in any situation. Her knack for cultivating unlikely sources and being able to cut through reams of redtape and misdirection allowed her to earn some reknown and got her a regular spot at the New York Times.

She met her husband, Ted Wyeth, there. He was a photographer with a real talent for capturing human tragedy on film. She admired him first through his work, and as she grew to know the sad, taciturn man behind the camera she fell in love with him. He was always reluctant to talk much about his past, and his family. She knew that he was from a small town called Silent Hill, and that he moved away a few years before the town itself was abandoned. She respected his privacy about his past. Then, six months ago, he committed suicide, hanging himself in the bathroom of their apartment. No note, no explanation. Susan was devastated. She spent much of the last few months depressed, confused, neglecting her friends and her career. Instead she'd sat at home and went through shoebox after shoebox of his old photos, many from his youth in Silent Hill. She finally started to put him behind her when the letter came, addressed to him.

At first she was going to throw it out, but then she started to wonder if it held some of the answers she was seeking, about his past, his family, his home. She opened it and instead it was a mysterious letter telling him to come home. She packed a bag, pulled and printed all the news she could find about Silent Hill, hopped in her car and started driving north to Maine.


Susan Wells, Investigative Journalist, Widow
Virtue – Fortitude
Vice – Envy





Investigation●●●○○ (Paper Trails)




Empathy●●●●● (Gaining trust)
Subterfuge●●●○○ (Spotting Lies)


Resources ● Contacts ●● (Newspaper, Fincial Industry) Striking Looks ●● Status ●● (Reporter)

Willpower: 5 Health: 7 Speed: 9 Defense: 3 Morality: 7