Swift Swallow

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Swift Swallow

He was leading a normal live, working for a casino as a dealer, minding his own business, when he was asked to service a private game for some platinum club members. This was going to be great, that was the way that management rewarded its employees, tips at those private games could be really big.

He went home and got cleaned up before he had to by at the game, it would not due to offend the players. Once done he went back to the casino and up to the penthouse. The room was spectacular, more then he could ever afford on his dealer salary. The players were showing up late, and he was entertaining those that were waiting with minor card tricks.

Once the game started in earnest, he was all business. The bets were big and getting bigger, as the night wore on, he had to call down for "credit enhancements" for a few of the less lucky players.

As the clock struck 3 A.M. the large picture window was shattered and a strange looking man in a flying suit entered the room and started attacking his players. He dove for cover under the table as the bodyguards from the hall burst into the room firing their guns.

He did not know how long the fighting lasted but when it got quiet he came out from under the table to find all the men in the room dead, including the man that attacked though the window.

Seeing a good thing when presented, he took the suit from the man stored it in a closet. He would come back to get it later.

All those in the room where under investigation, and as the sole survivor, the spotlight was on him big time.

Seeing that he was about to be locked up he took the flight suit and fled to Britain. He joined the London Watch and has been trying to find a way of clearing his name. The rest of the group knows nothing about his past or how he got the flight suit.

Swift Swallow PL 10 (150PP)

Init +14; 55ft (Run), 50ft (Flight); Defense 32/17 (7 Base, 4 Dex, 1 Dodge, 10 Powers); BAB +7; +11 Melee (10S Wing Slash), +11 Ranged; SV Dmg +4 (10 Protection), Fort +4, Ref +16, Will +1; Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 14 (Total 65PP)

Skills: Acrobatic 4/+13, Balance 3/+12, Move Silently 2/+11, Search 3/+17, Spot 1/+12, Listen 1/+12, Sleight of Hand 2/+11, PS: Dealer 3/+7 (Total 19PP)

Feats: Aerial Combat, Attack Finesse, Evasion, Dodge, Move By Attack, Lightning Reflexes (Total 12PP)


  • Flight Suit (Protection) +10 (Source: Technology; Extras: Flight, Super Senses, Weapon [Wings], Super Dexterity [5], Super Speed [5], Immunity [2x Suffocation, Pressure]; Power Stunt: Darkvision) (Cost 7 / Total 52+2PP)