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There are nine stats used by TEARZ™:

  • Strength (ST), or your physical prowess.
  • Perception (PC), or your mental awareness.
  • Fortitude (FO), or your health and resistance.
  • Hotness (HT), or how good you look.
  • Charisma (CH), or how charming you are.
  • Intelligence (IN), or how smart you are.
  • Wisdom (WS), or how clued in you are.
  • Agility (AG), or your physical prowess.
  • Movement (MV), or how fast you are.

These stats range from 1 to 30 (or 10 to 50 for divine characters), with 10 being average.

To generate them, roll 3d6 for each stat. If the result is 15, add 1d6; if the result is 16, add 1d8; if the result is 17, add 1d10; and if the result is 18, add 1d12. Then, assign the roll to the stats however you like it.


Each stat also has a modifier, that may or may not be used, figured as below:

(Stat/3) - 3, round down

Note on your Tale Enabler™ sheet the Modifiers for your stats.

A Note From Shanya Almafeta

Note that a certain other gaming system seems to have a similar modifier system, which is 'stat' divided by 'integer' minus 'same integer', 'round down'. Note that they also seem to have many of our 'Attributes', also use 'd20s' to play, and have characters come in 'levels.' Being the benevolent people that we are here at TEARZ Books, we here at Chine Games will not be sueing these Johnny Come Latelies. But, if they begin to intrude on our Intellectual Wonders™, than they will have our crack team of lawyers on them faster than a speeding suit of Mark XVII Fancy Boy Power Armor™!

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