TEARZ:Secondary Stats

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Health Points

In TEARZ™, Health Points (W.P.s™ and S.P.s™) come in various scales:

TypeScaleUsed For...
Standard Damage Points™ (S.D.P.s™)1Humans, objects.
Vehicle Damage Points™ (V.D.P.s™)10Cars, small buildings
Mecha Damage Points™ (M.D.P.s™)100mecha, star fighters, large buildings
Hyper Damage Points™ (H.D.P.s™)1000planetoids, power armors, faeries
Ultra Damage Points™ (U.D.P.s™)10000planets, dragons

Wound Points (W.P.s™)

Wound Points (W.P.s™) are used to take severe damage, like bullets in the gut. Wound points, at whatever scale, are equal to FO + FO + Level.

Stun Points (S.P.s™)

Stun points are damage from blows that don't really hurt, like any attack from an attacker of a lower level than you. Stun Points (S.P.s™) at whatever scale, are equal to FO + HT + ST + 1d6 per level.

Qi Points™ (Q.P.s™)

Qui Points (Q.P.s™) are your mystic understanding of how the world is. Q.P.s™ are equal to WS + Level.

Telepathic Control Points™ (T.C.P.s™)

T.C.P.s™ represent your connection to the myriad mystic ways of the Polyverse™, and are used to control magic. T.C.P.s™ are equal to IN + WS + CH + 1d6 per level.

Mana Accumulation Points™ (M.A.P.s™)

Mana Accumulation Points represent the ability to channal energy from arcane rituals and ley lines into personal power. M.A.P.s™ are used to control psionics. M.A.P.s are equal to IN + CH + HT + 1d6 per Level.

Experience Points™ (EX.P.s™)