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'''Miles Thompson (played by Anthony Stewart as Rupert Giles)'''
'''Miles Thompson (played by Anthony Stewart as Rupert Giles)'''
== Background ==
== Background ==

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Miles Thompson (played by Anthony Stewart as Rupert Giles)

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Miles originally was just a man who found himself in his 40s, a New York City librarian, looking at all the books he cared for but wondering where his life had went. Instead of a mid-life crisis, though, he got the Reality Raiders and saurian warriors invading the city. Somehow, Miles rose to the challenge, helping patrons escape to the harbor and an evacuation to England - except there you had magical trolls rampaging about from the Underground.

Others changed, but Miles found he could remain himself, and use mystical items with an innate facility as if he was born to them. A month later, the Delphi Council found and recruited him. Part of him is embarrassed to admit it - seeing how many are suffering for the invasion - but inside Miles is having the time of his life.

Basic Summary

Race: Human
Home Cosm: Core Earth (Magic 9, Social 23, Spirit 10, Tech 23)
Total XP: 20
Clearance: Alpha


Charisma 8, Dexterity 8, Mind 8, Spirit 8, Strength 8


Dodge 9, Melee 9, Unarmed 9
Toughness 11, Shock 8, Wounds 3


Energy Weapons +0 (8)
Fire Combat +1 (9)
Melee Weapons +1 (9)
Missile Weapons +0 (8)
Unarmed Combat +1 (9)

Intimidation +0 (8)
Maneuver +1 (9)
Taunt +1 (9)
Trick +1 (9)

Dodge +1 (9)
Evidence Analysis +1 (9)
Find +1 (9)
First Aid +1 (9)
Land Vehicles +1 (9)
Persuasion +1 (9)
Profession (Librarian) +1 (9)
Reality +4 (12)
Scholar +1 (9)
Science +1 (9)
Stealth +1 (9)
Willpower +1 (9)


Adaptable: The Realm Runner doesn’t cause Contradictions when using equipment, spells, miracles, or powers supported by the local zone, even if the axioms are beyond his own personal reality.
Prodigy: The character is filled with Possibility Energy. He begins each act with an extra Possibility. This stacks with any other ability that grants additional Possibilities.
Realm Runner: The Storm Knight has a natural feel for manipulating reality. He ignores four points of reality penalties when attempting to reconnect, and may ignore disconnection the first time it happens in each act.
Tenacious: Nothing seems to keep the hero down for long. His tests to Soak damage become Favored.


Binoculars (Tech 19)
Extra Magazines: 5 reloads for Glock 9mm
Flashlight (Tech 20)
Multitool (Tech 22)


Machete: Damage +2, Survival tests Favored (Tech 22)
Glock 9mm: Damage 13, Ammo 15, Range 10/25/40 (Tech 22)


Stab Vest: Armor +3, Max Dex 10, Torso (Tech 23)

XP Log

Starting XP Gift (+20)
Profession 1 (-1)
Maneuver 1 (-1)
Taunt 1 (-1)
Trick -1 (-1)
Reality 4 (-4)
First Extra Perk: Prodigy (-5)
Second Extra Perk: Tenacious (-7)