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A haphazard group of ex-supervillains, they had only one thing in common: they escaped from a prison facility during the same organized breakout, and had to fight shoulder-to-shoulder. The charismatic Doctor Steel succeeded in convincing them to join forces and act as a team (see his Welcome Monologue), but will this unity survive contact with freedom?


Current Members



The Team Headquarters are currently situated in the abandoned Carter warehouse provided by SHADOW, located at Pier 25, 25th Ave & Canill St. in Freedom City, NJ. In addition, several team members have their own lairs.

  • Madame Shade has an old house in Freedom City, which a friend purchased on her behalf while she was incarcerated. It's a small old house in a neighborhood that was richer in the past, but has fallen down on its luck in recent times, fairly close to the water. Size: Small (0); Toughness: 5 (0); Features: Library, Living Quarters, Garage, Security System, Pool (5) (Total cost: 5).
  • Warcry has her city-state of Chantico high in the Guatemalan mountains, currently inhabited by her subjects and still partially under reconstruction around the old Aztec temple. Size: Awesome (6); Toughness 15 (2); Features: Isolated, Living Space (2) (Total cost: 10).
  • Warcry also has a modest hideout in the Mystic Islands, across Great Bay from Freedom City: Size: Medium (1); Toughness 5 (0); Features: Concealed, Isolated, Dock, Living Space (also known as a shack) (4) (Total cost: 5).
  • Doctor Steel is currenlty watching the real estate market for a Moon base.