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Name: Lydia Strand
House: Slytherin
Year: 5th
Wand: 11 1/2", Apple and Phoenix Feather, delightfully swishy
Player: squidheadjax
Pets: Spook, the Australian Barn Owl


Name: Lydia Strand

Refresh: 2


High Concept: Slytherin 5th Year - That Chatty Nature Girl from Down Under

Aspect 2: Craves Validation and Fame

Aspect 3: Pureblood heir to Scottish Death-Eaters who rejected her family

Aspect 4: Hagrid's Unofficial Magical Creatures TA


Good (+3) Flashy

Fair (+2) Clever, Quick

Average (+1) Forceful, Sneaky

Mediocre (+0) Careful


Eleven and one half inches. Apple. Phoenix Feather core, delightfully swishy.

Stunt: Can everybody see me? Can everybody hear me? - Apple wands are picky, choosing those who would rather charm than fight. Lydia’s wand insists that people pay attention when she tries. She gets +2 to Flashy spells that Create an Advantage when they draw focus to her.


Lydia has a close bond with her Australian Barn Owl, Spook, a perfectly creepy example of the breed. He manages to pop up in all sorts of weird places and just blink at whoever finds him like he's surprised they're surprised to find him there.

Stunt: Watch my Back

Spook watches out for her when she's barreling incautiously through her adventures. She can spend a Fate Point to have Spook suddenly appear and warn her of danger, foiling ambushes and sneaky attacks.



Because I have a magical talent for communication, I can spend a Fate Point to declare I know a magical creature's language when it's relevant to the scene. If a creature doesn't have a language, then I can at least automatically Discover an Aspect relating to what it wants, needs, or fears. (One of her first demonstrations of this skill was learning parseltongue to try and be more popular)

Faster than a Drop Bear

Because the magical wildlife of Australia really is as dangerous as you imagine, I get +2 to Quickly Defend by getting out of the way of melee attacks.

Read the Room

Because I understand my audience, I get +2 to Cleverly Create an Advantage to find out what someone wants or expects to hear.


  • The Strands are a pureblood family, but not on the British registry because they're mostly from Norway. Lydia's branch of the family has an extensive mansion on Orkney, where she was born.
  • Lydia was raised in Australia by distant relations, because her immediate family and most avuncular relatives are in Azkaban for war crimes.
  • She adores magical creatures, partly because 'mostly tamed' examples of Australian wildlife and parawildlife were her main companions before going off to Hogwarts.
  • She started out very quiet at Hogwarts but her extroverted nature soon started to assert itself.

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