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Name: Margaret 'Hailey' Atwell
House: Gryffindor
Year: 5th
Wand: 11", Blackthorn and Phoenix Feather, Firm
Player: QuZi
Pets: Common Raven


Name: Margaret Hailey Atwell

Refresh: 2


High Concept: Former academic prodigy trying to regain focus on her studies

Aspect 2: Fire at will!

Aspect 3: "I don't want to fight anyone, but I cannot abide bullies."

Aspect 4: Will not be unwillingly bound


Good (+3) Quick

Fair (+2) Clever, Forceful

Average (+1) Careful, Flashy

Mediocre (+0) Sneaky


Eleven inches, Blackthorn with a Phoenix Feather Core; Firm

Stunt: Not Just A Shield - +1 to Quickly Attack/Defend when engaged with opposition more powerful than her.


Common Raven


Because she cannot abide bullies, she often has to say, "No, you move." (+2 to Forcefully Overcome challenges when she thinks her opposition is immoral)

As a former academic prodigy, being tested in the classroom makes her feel nostalgic for when she could say, "I can do this all day" (+2 to Cleverly Overcome Obstacles related to academics in the classroom)

As a former academic prodigy, she Used to live in the library (+2 to Carefully Create an Advantage by spending time studying in the Hogwarts library)

As the Gryffindor House magical muscle, she often was A shield for those around her (+2 to Quickly Defend others under magical attack)


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