Tai the Savvyhead

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Name Tai

Character Type Savvyhead

Look Tai is a woman wearing vintage wear with various tech bits around her person. Her open face is marked by expressive eyes, and her dark-skinned body is wiry.

Stats and the Basic Moves Cool (Act Under Fire): -1 Hard (Go Aggro, Seize by Force): 0 Hot (Seduce or Manipulate): +1 Sharp: (Read a Situation or Person): +1 Weird (Open Your Brain to the Maelstrom):+2

Special Moves Things speak: roll +weird to read an object Oftener right: when somebody takes my advice, they get +1 on rolls doing it and I check experience

Gear and Barter 9mm (2-harm close loud) tools, including a big wrench that in a pinch can be (2-harm hand messy) a denim jacket, heavily patched with colored threads for both design and repair oddments worth 3-barter (to be detailed when needed, since what exactly Tai has probably varies a lot)

Your People and Places Workspace: has a junkyard of raw materials, weird-ass electronica, and booby traps.

This is a big maze of a place, piles of stuff. When it rains, Tai works in one of several improvised lean-tos. People who don't know their way around run afoul of booby traps, but those who've followed Tai into the maze know that she doesn't follow the same path each time. Either she changes the traps a lot, or they somehow change themselves.

Interesting Facts Tai does repair work for all kinds of people, and barters interesting stuff from the junkyard or stuff that she makes. She claims that even something she builds from scratch can speak to her, even though such a thing shouldn't have any history to report. She says things are more honest than people.

Hx: Hammer 0 Sunset 0 Angler 0 Dez +3 Jones -2

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