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Unanswered Questions (season 2 onward):

Episode 204:

  • Did Johannes make it to Miranda?

Episode 210/212:

  • Who or what affected the fuel systems of the Dortmunder, Trafalgar, and Magellan?

Episode 214:

  • Who is Gemini (from Beaumonde) and why was he trying to kill Mike Carter?
  • Did the Abbott ever send people to Miranda?

Episode 216:

  • What’s up with Rubicon and who is Joshua’s mysterious benefactor who left him clues both on the Trafalgar and in the Academy?
  • What’s the connection between Otto and the Academy?

Episode 218/219:

  • Did Jack ever make his way to Blue Sun to get the treasure?

Episode 220:

  • Why did the Cortex go down?

Episode 302:

  • What’s currently going on with the MeiMei?

Episode 303:

  • Who sent the message to the Summer’s Gift: Respond to this address because I am concerned about repaying my debt.
  • Who was accessing Arden’s medical records and trying to cover their tracks?

Episode 306:

  • Did Melvin Jackson ever make it back from his cruise successfully?
  • What was Mike Carter doing in that photo from October the PDF showed us?
  • Does Joshua have similar brain implants to what Blue Sun was installing in the stitches?

Episode 307:

  • What’s happening now on Shepherd’s Moon? Faria seems to have something going on there and dropped Escobar off there.
  • If Valerie didn’t send the message to Arden, who did?
  • Why did Valerie take a photo of Arden and Joshua?
  • Who bombed Parliament (and do we care)?
  • Who was trying to sabotage the Decatur and who sent the note to Rick about it?

Episode 309:

  • What’s going on with Reverend Jim? Does he really have good intentions?
  • Does Queenie really have answers for Joshua and Arden?