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LibDem is stuffed with bigots, yet even minor criticism toward them is a group attack.
You wake up...
...on a sailing ship...
...in a hotel room...
...on a slab of metal...
...on a train...
Wherever it is that you wake up, you wake up without any memories. You know the basics. Who is president. Who won and lost WWII. Who the Yankees are (if you ever followed that sort of thing), what cars, boats, puppies, and candy bars are. And so on and so forth.
When will you Libs decide that dissing Nazis is bad because "Not all Nazis", I wonder?
You also have a name rattling around in your head that might be your name. Then again, it might not be it really is hard to say.
How did you get here? Where is here? And what is happening?
These are the first questions to answer in the TangenT game. And the answers may be very surprising.
Character creation for TangenT is about as easy as it can be. You simply describe what your character looks like and sounds like (any accents they might have, etc) any scars or tattoos they have, what kind of clothes they are wearing (top, bottom (or all in one if a dress, etc and shoes).
You possess no wallet. No purse. No watch or other items. No money.
Why? That is what you are going to find out.
As the game progresses, you will be given opportunities to "build" your character (you see a baseball bat, are you drawn to that or the computer in the other corner of the room?) and similar situations.
As you pick up the Skills to use these items, you also begin to unlock memories, just minor flashes until you begin to piece them together.
If more than one of your decide you are attracted to the same item because you are attracted to that Skill don't worry, more than one person can know the same thing.
The higher the Skill level you pick (1-5), the stronger the flash of memory will be linked to that Skill.
You have 15 points total so be careful how many Skills you pick up right away and how high you rank them.
As with any game, you will want to take Action. Though TangenT is a lot more about unlocking mysteries and making discoveries about yourself and those aorund you than actually jumping into action constantly, there are still those moments and those moments need dice to roll so here is the run down.
TangenT uses a fairly straight forward 20-sided dice mechanic to take actions that require rolls. Each Skill you possess will have a rank of 1-5 which is the Bonus you add to your dice rolls to accomplish the task you are trying to accomplish. In some circumstances and through special abilities you uncover in the game, you may roll Bonus Dice (BD). When you roll BD, you take the best number out of the dice rolled to use for your Skill roll. So if you roll you standard roll +2BD, you roll three 20-sided dice altogether and keep the best roll out of the three.
And that's about it for how to roll Skills.
==Actons in Combat==
Though Combat is not necessarily the main focus of TangenT, it is bound to happen in a RPG. The main thing to remember in Combat is that your attacks do damage depending on what you are using as a weapon and, most importantly, you take damage when you are attacks.
Characters in TangenT begin play with 15 Life Points. If you reach 0 Life Points then you are ''dying'' and will die if no one patches you up or uses some means of bringing you back from the brink. When you bring someone (or some thing) else down to 0 Life Points, they are also ''dying'' or you have the option of killing them outright.
So you might already be asking what could possibly be behind a group of people waking up in a place with no memory? Well that literally might have any answer and you should expect the unexpected but I shan't ruin any surprises here. The journey is just as fun as the destination, but the destination in this case is also meant to be quite fun.
The first mystery is one you wake up with in your head. A single name. But is this name yours? It feels like it might be or a name that is very well known to you at least. Unraveling this mystery will be as intriguing as the other mysteries you will encounter in TangenT.
=The Mysterious=
These are those unfortunates who have awoken without memory and have begun on their search of discovery, both to find their pasts and, perhaps, to learn new things that didn't exist before in themselves...
'''Mlindeli''' means 'Guardian'. I know this. It is an honorable name, a righteous name. I think it is my name. This face in the mirror does not look like my face, though. It is too old, holds too many years, and my hands are too wrinkled. Strong hands; a worker's hands, with the callouses of a laborer. But I have the long, sensitive fingers of an artist. I'm skinny, but not from hunger. I have honest, black skin; close-cropped, tightly curled grey hair; an old burn scar on my left cheek that I can't remember the cause of. I look like I'm in my sixties, but I feel like I'm in my forties, and my body is used to activity.
'''Vincent Tubor'''. Is it an odd name? Part of me says yes, but when I interrogate that instinct I come back with... nothing. Is it my name? It sounds like a slick name and I look like a slick man. Not tall, but thin in a way that makes me seem taller, with smooth, long fingers and aquiline features. It's a bit like if you took a regular person and rolled them out thinner. My hair is dark and curly and reaches down to my shoulders. My eyes are blue-gray and inconstant. I don't have very many scars, aside from what looks like a nasty surgery scar on my abdomen. I might be in my thirties, or maybe in my forties or fifties if I take care of myself. I don't feel old, but then I don't feel like a liar, either. And I certainly don't have a trustworthy face.
'''Lily'''. It is a name, but it's also a delicate flower. Delicate is a very kind word for how I look, though fragile would be more accurate. I'm small of stature, pretty and brittle like a porcelain doll, and my skin is tan but more pale than it should be. There is an old surgery scar above my heart, never a good thing. I think I could be in my late twenties, and I think I should consider myself lucky for getting to be that old. I have hazel eyes, and dark, straight hair cut in a jaw-length bob. My slender fingers are surprisingly callused, at odds with the rest of my appearance.
The tall woman with long, nearly-white blonde hair whispered a single word to herself - '''Ciara'''. A tear ran down her cheek, but why she cried, or for whom, she cannot say.
He looks down at himself. He's wearing a blue, short-sleeve sport uniform top, with a number 7 in white emblazoned on the front. Black shorts, with a little shield crest on them reading SCUFC. Proper studded soccer boots.
He himself is lean, not muscular, but fit. Feeling the top of his head reveals he’s got a marine-style buzz cut. He has some eerily straight scars going across both knees, another more jagged one from his middle knuckle running down the back of his hand. He's young, he knows that, 20 max, but this isn't his first time in a hospital.
That's when the last bit comes into place. What's his name? Who is he?
The name... or something... jumps into his head. '''Spike'''.
=The Journal=
Entry: Alpha 1
Entry ID : A01052022
Note this is to be considered First Report for Mission Exception 15-01
As we know the five subjects have gone off schedule. As with any unscheduled and unauthorized Area we are generating a route cause analysis, an immediate investigation of the Area details, as well as Subversion Determination and Deterrent protocols if deemed necessary.
The subjects have awoken in the Tangent Area. It appears to have simple hospital equipment such as BP, Heart Rate, and Oxygen level machine and the hospital beds appear standard issue. We are not assuming they are in the same Area as we are, however, as we have learned through the course of this project that just because appearances would lead us to judge a place to be a certain Area that there are too many variables to ever be certain of this without Tracking Information.
Tracking is off for the subjects.
The room they are in has no windows and not even a bathroom available. It is entered and exited through one set of double doors which appear to require a key card. The security is simplistic and it is likely that it will be bypassed before the subjects locate locals.
The room is quite white, perhaps even an unnaturally clean white that is not concurrent with this Area. It is also a very white room and much too large and irregularly equipped to be a simple triage facility.
I would have waited for more information before making the first report but I know that Operations has classed this a High Risk through the basic circumstances and I wish to report as much detail as quickly as possible as is protocol with High Risk level situations.
Currently the subjects seem confused as would be normal under their circumstances. Without being able to do a proper update this may persist for some time and may create unreliable and unexpected responses. This is the primary concern currently but despite this phase of their regaining consciousness they do seem to be in good health.
More details to follow in sequential reports.

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LibDem is stuffed with bigots, yet even minor criticism toward them is a group attack.

When will you Libs decide that dissing Nazis is bad because "Not all Nazis", I wonder?