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You wake up... ...on a sailing ship... ...in a hotel room... ...on a slab of metal... ...on a train...

Wherever it is that you wake up, you wake up without any memories. You know the basics. Who is president. Who won and lost WWII. Who the Yankees are (if you ever followed that sort of thing), what cars, boats, puppies, and candy bars are. And so on and so forth. You also have a name rattling around in your head that might be your name. Then again, it might not be it really is hard to say. How did you get here? Where is here? And what is happening? These are the first questions to answer in the TangenT game. And the answers may be very surprising.


Character creation for TangenT is about as easy as it can be. You simply describe what your character looks like and sounds like (any accents they might have, etc) any scars or tattoos they have, what kind of clothes they are wearing (top, bottom (or all in one if a dress, etc and shoes). You possess no wallet. No purse. No watch or other items. No money. Why? That is what you are going to find out.

As the game progresses, you will be given opportunities to "build" your character (you see a baseball bat, are you drawn to that or the computer in the other corner of the room?) and similar situations. As you pick up the Skills to use these items, you also begin to unlock memories, just minor flashes until you begin to piece them together. If more than one of your decide you are attracted to the same item because you are attracted to that Skill don't worry, more than one person can know the same thing. The higher the Skill level you pick (1-5), the stronger the flash of memory will be linked to that Skill. You have 15 points total so be careful how many Skills you pick up right away and how high you rank them.


As with any game, you will want to take Action. Though TangenT is a lot more about unlocking mysteries and making discoveries about yourself and those aorund you than actually jumping into action constantly, there are still those moments and those moments need dice to roll so here is the run down. We use a Combo system when rolling to complete a task or to make an attack. You roll a number of 20-sided dice (d20) dependent on the rank of a given Skill. So if you have a 3 in Stealth and are trying to pocket something without someone seeing then you would roll three 20-sided dice (3d20). Depending on the Difficulty, each successful roll past the first roll creates a Combo (2 Dice Combo, 3 Dice Combo in this case). Combos create greater effects in the game which you will discover as it unfolds.


So you might already be asking what could possibly be behind a group of people waking up in a place with no memory? Well that literally might have any answer and you should expect the unexpected but I shan't ruin any surprises here. The journey is just as fun as the destination, but the destination in this case is also meant to be quite fun.