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In a small niche of shadow far north of Diaga is the tiny realm of Tazilwere. Tucked into a ring of mountain ranges is a vast region of rich soils where the peaceful people have raised sheep, goats, and fowl for meat and grew grapes and olive trees for wine and oil.


  • The shadow is surrounded by high mountains with a dell in the center. Beyond the deep mountains is a sandy plain devoid of life that fades into shadow. Some spring fed streams and rivers flow out of the mountain ranges.
  • This region rests under A starry sky but is not on a planet or part of a universal system.
  • The sun of Tazilwere is directly above the valley and dims and brighten yellow on a 12 hour rotation. Every 30 days the sun of Tazilwere brightens as bright green. The calendar of Tazilwere is 12 months of 30 days.
  • It's weather system circles the single realm on the world circling clockwise with an even mix of clouds and rains. Flooding is extremely rare.
  • There are many small isolated farms and hamlets in the mountain regions.


Discovered in antiquity by Prince Oscric of Amber. It was a isolated region of nearly 7 million sqr miles (just less then Australia) surrounded by mountains and had little connection to other shadows. The Agrarian people had been living a peaceful lifestyle raising sheep, goats, and fowl and growing grapes, olive trees, pepper trees and fruit trees. a wide range of vegetables were also grown.

Depending on how one views the functions of shadow according to Prince Osric he had sought in shadow a peaceful agrarian realm able to provide food stuffs to the growing populace of the Kingdom of Amber and Tazilwere fit the requirements well.

The Tazil had no military tradition and were not a combative people. Nor did they have any royalty being ruled mostly by Clan and family leaders.

Clans specialized in a products though often produced enough of other produce to need little trade. Still a robust barter economy had developed with regional fairs and clan agreements to trade produce.

Osric found a clan at the confluence of three large rivers, each of which were large enough to shadowsail a merchant ship on. He established the City of Tazilqala to be a shipping hub off shadow and taught the Clan Zalriq to manage and organize shipping to Amber. He established a guard compound and a merchant factor. He discovered items in Amber the Tazil appreciated and would trade for. These mostly consisted of glassware and metals. Oils and wines had traditionally been stored in ceramic and the introduction in glass revolutionized the clarity of their produce and helped created some of the finest wines, vinegars and oils that can be found in shadow.

The Clan Zalriq eventually became the ruling clan and when the realm became a Golden Circle realm and it was suggested that since other GC realms had some kind of royalty maybe Tazilwere shgould as well? The leader of Clan Zalriq was made king.

The Church of the Unicorn is a major religion in the realm and it interacts well with the local agrarian nature worships.

Shadow Trails and the Jeweled Road[edit]

In the early years of Amber's connection to Tazilwere Prince Osric laid down strong and easy to follow shadow paths to Amber. In time a guild of Wagoners learned it so well that others stopped using hte trail and it became exclusively the road of the Guild of Wagoners. Tazilwere has never been known for tourism. Its culture does not go in for hotels though community hostels and taverns with lodgings are common.

After the creation of the Jeweled Road a small branch meant to reach into Tazilwere but instead stopped outside the point where the path into shadow leaves Amber deep in the Adren Forest off the main road. Its considered a curiosity but since few visit Tazil its not been investigated deeply.

The Rebalas Invasion of 5241[edit]

In 5241, being the 40th year of King Random's reign, a people called the Rebalas invaded the Tazil region quickly and seized the royal family. They expelled the small Amber military presence transporting them magically to Diega Raks. They married the crown Princess to one of their princes, deposed King Trebin and Queen Gazala, and put their prince, Prince Padat Rebalas, on the Tazil throne.

They claimed right of conquest and informed the Amber Merchant Factor that the trade of produce in to Amber would not be disrupted.

A young prince escaped, and arriving in Amber invoked the golden Circle Treaty between Tazil and Amber. Prince Haris Tazil gained the aide of a small band of young Amberites to return to Tazil and oust the invaders. At the order of King Random the Amberites who came to the aide of Tazilwere were Lord Asher, Lord Derek, Lady Doria, Lord Geryon, Lord Vance, and Lord Zachary. They entered the royal grounds, after some trouble finding them, and eliminated the invaders through military force. Essentially they slew nearly 500 troops from the previously unknown shadow of Rebalas.

Prince Haris was one of the few heroes the Tazil ever produced. King Trebin offered him the crown for his heroism but Haris declined. After slaying Prince Padat Reblas and reinstalling the King and Queen, he was accepted into the Amber military, eventually joining the Elites

The Rebelas Invasion of 5287[edit]

Lt. Haris Tazil, a prince of Taziliwere, received word from wagoners that while the exports of Tazil were not being interfered with the current King and Queen of Taziliwere, Trebin and Gazala, had retired, and allowed their daughter to marry an unknown suitor and had then gone into seclusion. The circumstances were highly suspicious

A small group of Amberites investigated the rebellion again. This time including Lord Chris- son of Caine, Lord Donovan-Son of Julian, Lady Skadi-daughter of Dashal, Haris Tazil, and Elite Alexandra Mira.

During the investigation it was discovered that the realm of Tazilwee had a shadow of the pattern buried deep below the governmental center. The pattern was in use as a power focus for Laravala, a daughter of Brand. In the ensuing battle Laravala was slain by Skadi. Elite Alexandra was surprisingly revealed as a daughter of Brand as well. Lord Chris remained behind as the Chief Pattern Guard.

Royal Family[edit]

The royal Family of Tazilwere is led by King Trebin and Queen Gazala.

The royal couple is sometime hard to tell from the gentry. They royal family does not embrace sumptuous dress beyond the average man. A simple coronet is all that separates them from the general citizenry and it is rarely worn.



The main produce in Tazilwere is olives, olive oils, wine, vinegar, and some meats. Goats, sheep, fowls, & fish are caught commercially.

Fruits and Vegetables[edit]

  • Olive trees are ubiquitous and grow well. Nearly every farm has some and make their own oil and cure their own olives.
  • Pepper trees are ubiquitous. While every farm has a few most don't consider them as important as olives.
  • Grapes are a staple food and mot farms have grapevines incorporated into their architecture. However many farms specialize in grapes of various types and use the in the production of wine. Vinegar production is a side venture for most vineyards since the starting point for vinegar is wine that sours.
  • Vegetables are a common garden product though many of the gardens are very large.


Some regions produce a collections of grains though wild varieties are abundant. Corn, rye, wheat.


Meats are common from farm to farm but some producers have large flocks. Sheep and goats primarily.. There are no pigs on planet.

  • Goats. This realm produces strong heavily meaty goats. They are used as beasts of burden as well as for food.
  • Fowl. Chickens, turkeys, duck, geese, pigeon, quail,. Chickens are common but turkeys are the most common meat bird.
  • Snake. There are a variety of snakes that are captured and eaten as a delicacy. Tazen grani grow to 18' long but are best when 10' long and 4" in diameter. Not frequently produced commercially.

Comments of Prince Bleys from the Diners of Amber article[edit]



A pleasant pastoral land. I'm not really sure why the card arrived in the deck. I've met maybe a hundred Tazilwern outside this otherwise pleasant land over the centuries. Their embassy currently has a staff of five in a townhouse up in North Riding and I swear I think they trade off who is the ambassador yearly. He is the one who has to show up at formal events and the same person never seems to be there from year to year.

Of course when I visited after the card arrived I was made quite welcome. I had been staying with a very pleasant family near where the trump dropped me for three days, mostly relaxing and pitching in on the farm work, before I asked the fateful question of my host if he had ever met the land's king?

The family looked around in confusion and started laughing a bit. I asked to be let in on the joke. I was sure the laughter meant they had never been to the city where their king lived. To my shock the grandfatherly man who oversaw the family and farm I had been living with said, 'I thought you knew, Prince Bleys, I am King Trebin and this good woman is Queen Gazala."

No, sir, I did not know... a crown, a herald, a few guards, maybe mentioning it, might have clarified things, oh great sovereign.

Still, there is something to be said for the casual people here. They have no military traditions and after checking I found that in a couple thousand years they have contributed less then a thousand troops to the military of Amber, almost never more then a few in a generation, which is rather bizarre for a golden circle kingdom.

However their strength isn't warfare but produce. Olives and olive oils, grapes and wine, pepper and grains, vegetables and fruits, sheep, goats and fowl. These are shipped in great profusion to Amber since something about the people make them work hard happily producing vastly more then they could possibly ever use themselves. That's probably why Osric found these people in the first place. They eat extremely well as they trade among themselves but they ship long trains of goods to Amber and it turns out their bank accounts are bulging with treasure they have absolutely no use for. Sometimes the places in Shadow are not easy to make sense of unless one understands the Question of Infinity.

As of this date there are exactly 7 Tazilwern in the military. I looked it up. One is General Falwies Ablegren-an expert in logistics and a sometime drinking partner of Dame Margot. Wink, Wink. General Salis Drees-a engineer of some skill in road construction. Captain Feldel Bow-A ship's captain in the navy known for escort duty of merchant ships mostly. Two troopers that just signed on in the last decade. And lastly, much to my astonishment, Lieutenant Trent Lakana- a member of the Elites and a frequent Dungeon guard who I shit you not, I thought was from Begma and who has been a dungeon guard for twenty-one hundred years. I've gotten drunk with the guy, hell of a funny man and he never talks about his homeland. He was friggin assigned to me as an Elite by Good King Random for 5 friggin' years early in my drunken theater days and I've seen him arse deep in showgirls and homemade gin. But he never said more to me then he grew up on a farm and it has been his goal in life to never farm again. An additional note to my comments above since after the initial printing of them I was reminded that Prince Haris Tazil is a member of the Elites and a court guard. I had forgotten because when he came to Amber, invoking the Golden Circle, treaty I was mostly drunk. There was some trouble at home and he came and collected a half dozen of the newly Recognized cousins and they all went out and handled things. Afterwards he turned down the crown of Tazilwere in order to join the military of Amber. He is a pleasant enough fellow, and as a known Golden Circle prince is often mistaken for a courtier in the Court of Amber rather then a castle guard. Mild manners is an unusual camouflage for an Elite. They tend to stand out.

Taziliwere-For Wine and Oil[edit]

Taziliwere: A Shade Realm of the Golden Circle kingdom of Tazilwere for the Ambercon Campaign Taziliwere-For Wine and Oil