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HQ rules from M&M2e


Pier 25, 25th Ave & Canill St.
Freedom City, NJ
Following the Band of Steel's first mission for the Overshadow they were ushered to a site below downtown Freedom City to recoup and relax. Overshadow offered them refuge at a location made available for use in the docks. The area of the Waterfront is lightly patrolled by AEGIS or Khanate Troops. The docks act as one of the limited means for civilians to smuggle things in and out of Freedom City to the outside world. The warehouse is largely an open utilitarian space that continues to have remiscent smells of everything from fish to sawdust, oil and gas. There are a few minor pieces of equipment available such as forklifts and small hover lifts used for moving small ton cargo. Roughly a 1/4th of the rear portion of the warehouse has been outfitted with two floor open air lofts. Large open spaces partitianed only by computer and communication equipment moved in to maintain SHADOW cell groups. Past users of the facility have made portions of the warehouse comfortable enough to support relaxed couches and matresses to bed down or watch videos between missions. The warehouse formerly had a speed boat for use in the dock, this was destroyed by Boneyard and Warcry. The dock currently holds the remains of Dr. Steel's "Drilling Submarine".

Pier 25 sits about 10 blocks from the the Freedom City Aquarium

This abandoned warehouse is located at PIER 25 on the Docks in the Waterfront District of Freedom City along the corner of 25th Ave & Canill St. The headquarters automatically has the basic structural amenities like doors and windows, power outlets, utilities, and so forth at no cost.

  • Size: Medium [1 ep]
  • Toughness: 10 [1 ep]

Features: [7 ep]

  • Communications
  • Computer
  • Concealed
  • Dock
  • Garage
  • Living Space (or rather just alot of open space)
  • Security System

COST: 9 equipment points.