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Danielle, the Vamp[edit]

Look: Female, Caucasian, Everyday Clothing
Demeanour: Feral


Blood +2, Heart +1, Mind 0, Spirit -1

Factions: Mortality +1, Night +1, Power 0, Wild 0


  • A secluded apartment in the City
  • A comfortable car
  • A smart phone
  • A sword (3-harm hand messy)


Jonas relies on me for his fix (of information and rumours).
Cass bears responsibility for me becoming a vampire.
Nadia makes sure I get fed regularly.

Loopy Lucy owes me a debt, giving me eyes and ears where I'm not expected.


Eternal Hunger: You hunger for human blood, flesh, or emotions, pick one. When you feed, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:

  • You heal 1-harm
  • You learn a secret about them
  • You take +1 forward
  • They don’t die

On a miss, something goes terribly wrong.

Irresistible: When you Persuade an NPC using promises or seduction, treat a 7-9 as a 10+ result. On a miss, your machinations succeed as though you rolled a 7-9, but attract the attention of a rival or enemy.

Keep Your Friends Close: When you Figure Someone Out by indulging their vices, roll with Blood instead of Mind.

Drama Moves[edit]

Vamp Corruption Move:
When you feed on an unwilling victim, mark corruption.

Intimacy Move:
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, tell them a secret about yourself or owe them a Debt. Either way, they enter your Web and owe you a Debt.

End Move:
When you die or retire your character, name someone in the scene you want dead; your agents and allies relentlessly pursue them.


Who are you?

I'm Danielle, and I'm sure we're going to be best friends. I can get anything for anyone, and often do, so just tell me what you need. In life, to be honest, I wasn't much. Just another drifting grifter, pulling on any string I could to keep myself alive and fed another day. It wasn't much of a life, but I've got to say it prepared me for death pretty well! Unlife is the best thing that ever happened to me.

How long have you been in the city?

I guess it's been a decade? So, to be honest, I don't keep track of time that well. Why bother counting when the sun never comes up? I dove headlong into the Dark City as soon as I found it, never looked back - that's not to say I've never popped into another city for a bit, but this is my home and it has been since I realized the sun would never shine here.

How do you keep your cravings in check?

I indulge them, just a bit, takes the edge off. With, you know, consenting adults! I know a few people who like the experience, and there are others who'll trade a hit of blood for something they crave. It's all about the web!

Who turned you?

Ugh, Maxwell. He's got all kinds of fancy titles and pretensions, but that doesn't change the fact that when I met him he was a tattered old man squatting in a filthy, abandoned house and getting high on addicts' blood. Guess I'm lucky he gets emotional when he's high: when he went too far with me he cried his eyes out and decided to bring me across. I do owe him for giving me this unlife, though, even if he did kill me first.

What scheme are you invested in now?

Trying to make my way into a Fae Winter Court's good graces, because they have these amazing berries that only grow in the frost. I've heard that they give you knowledge of your heart's desire and how to achieve it, and I can find uses for that... but of course they only grow a tiny amount, and they're sacred to the Queen who is really touchy. So my plan is to take my time, wheedle my way into her good graces by helping out, and see if I can get invited into her garden.

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