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Portrait Name Faction Custom Move + Notes
Loopy Lucy Mortality
'The Incubus' Wild
Cryptic Night One of the Night Brothers
Maxwell Night
Blaine Power A Seer with more ability than sense
Nikst Wild Cave Goblin
The Empress Night Ancient ghost cult leader


PC—PC Debts

☟ Owes Debts to ☞ Black Jonas Sarah Bell Cassandra Harmala Nadia Tonio "el Lupe" Ortiz Danielle
Black Jonas N/A 2 1 1 1
Sarah Bell N/A 2 2 1
Cassandra Harmala 1 N/A 2 1
Nadia N/A 2
Tonio "el Lupe" Ortiz 1 1 2 N/A
Danielle 2 N/A

NPC Debts

Nadia owes 3 Debts to the Pale Lady