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A character in the New Uzume Campaign.

Vital Statistics[edit]

  • Name: Lucien Dragonsbane
  • Class: Elf
  • Level: 14
  • XP: 1.2M/150'000 to next level
  • Physical Description:


(For attributes, list the value, the modifier, and any XP adjustment)

  • Strength: 16/+2 (XP Bonus +10%)
  • Intelligence: 14/+1
  • Wisdom: 13/+1
  • Dexterity: 11
  • Constitution: 13/+1
  • Charisma: 18/+3

  • Racial Abilities:
    • Heatvision (Elves have the ability to see not only the colour of things but also their temperature. When an elf is in the dark (and only then—normal light overloads an elf’s heatvision and prevents it from working) they can use their heatvision to navigate and even to fight. However, heatvision doesn’t allow the elf to see pictures and writing unless they are carved into the surface that the elf is looking at.)
    • Elfsight (Find secret doors on rolls of 5+ on a d6)
    • Ghoul Immunity (Elves are immune to the paralysis caused by the touch of ghouls and ghasts. They are not immune to other forms of paralysis.)
    • Multiple Attacks - 2 (At 11th level, an elf is able to make two attacks per round against any creature that they are able to hit by rolling a 2+ on the attack roll (after modifiers).)
    • Smash (At 11th level, an elf gains the ability to make smash attacks in melee. At the beginning of the round, the elf’s player declares that their character is making a smash attack. The elf automatically loses initiative, and takes a –5 penalty to their attack roll for the attack. However, if the attack hits then the elf gets to add their strength score to the damage done by the attack as well as their strength bonus.)
    • Parry (At 11th level, an elf can choose to use the parry action. The elf’s player declares that their character is parrying at the beginning of the round before initiative is rolled. The elf makes no attacks during the round (and therefore needs no initiative score), but all incoming attacks are made at a –4 penalty.)
    • Breath Evasion (At 14th level and higher, an elf only takes half damage from all breath weapons such as those used by dragons. If the attack normally allows a saving throw for half damage then the elf only takes a quarter of normal damage if they save successfully.)
  • Languages:
  • Skills:
  • Weapon Proficiencies:


  • AC:
  • HP: 9d6+9+5
  • BAB: +7
  • Initiative: +1
  • Primary Attack: Skyfall, longbow +2, dragonslayer, +16/+18 (BAB +7, Dex +1, Skill +6/8, enhancement +2), 1d10+8/4d4+4, Delay s/m, AC -2 vs 2/-, Range 150/200/250
  • Secondary Attack: Wolf's Bane, sword +1, +3 vs shapeshifters, +10 (BAB +7, Str +2, +1 enhancement), 1d8+3/1d8+3
  • Special Defenses: N/A
  • Movement Rate:
  • Anything Else I Should Know

Saving Throws

  • Death/Poison: 2
  • Magic Wands: 3
  • Paralysis/Petrification: 3
  • Breath Weapon: 2
  • Rod/Staff/Spell: 2


Animal Training 1 rank
Balance 1 rank
Diplomacy 1 rank
Engineering 1 rank
Jumping 1 rank
Military Science 1 rank
Riding 1 rank
Sense Motive 1 rank

Adventuring Gear[edit]

(This is where we actually use the Slot system for Encumbrance) Free Slots

  • Primary Weapon: Skyfall, longbow +2, Dragon Slayer
  • Off-Hand Weapon or Shield: Wolf's Bane, sword +1 (+3 vs shapeshifters)
  • Armor: plate mail +5
  • Slung Item: shield +3
  • Worn Magical Items: ring of three wishes, ring of mammal control, robe of blending
  • Backpack & Belt Pouches: potion of healing x2, potion of invulnerability

Encumbrance Slots

  • Wand of illusion
  • Decanter of endless water
  • Quiver with 5 arrows +3

Other Loot[edit]

Loot Stored on New Uzume

  • half-plate +1
  • plate +2
  • plate +3
  • axe +1

Loot Stored Upstream

  • (Whatever, and where you're keeping it)


  • Only go into however much detail is necessary here. Eventually, we'll want at least some description and a hex number. It's up to you if you want to map buildings out.


(asterisked spells are commonly prepared)

  • First Level Spells (x5)

Charm Person *
Detect Magic
Floating Disc
Magic Missile *
Protection From Evil *
Read Languages *
Read Magic *

  • Second Level Spells (x4)

Continual Light *
Detect Evil
Detect Invisible *
Invisibility *
Mirror Image
Wizard Lock

  • Third Level Spells (x4)

Clairvoyance *
Dispel Magic *
Haste *
Invisibility 10' Radius
Protection From Normal Missiles
Water Breathing *

  • Fourth Level Spells (x4)

Charm Monster *
Growth of Plants
Hallucinatory Terrain
Ice Storm/Wall of Ice *
Polymorph Self
Remove Curse *
Wall of Fire
Wizard Eye *

  • Fifth Level Spells (x3)

Cloudkill *
Conjure Elemental *
Teleport *

  • Sixth Level Spells (x2)

Lower Water
Move Earth *
Stoneform *
Weather Control


  • List here any henchmen, and any normal staff you might have. Include a total monthly upkeep for them.

Contacts and Favors[edit]

  • Lt. Raia, prospective lieutenant.