The Green and the Grey (Dragon Age)

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A game run by strangebehaviour using the Green Ronin rules.

Started: 25th June 2021.

The Story So Far

The party has been recruited by the Hero of Ferelden via his agent, a casteless dwarf named Berenal, to investigate missing Grey Wardens. As they travel the Bannorn just outside the town of Rothern, they come across a dead Grey Warden and give her a Dalish burial with a sapling planted over the grave. That night, as they camp in the old Warden campsite, they're disturbed by a shadowy figure. Accompanied by a dog and several companions, he's looking for the Warden but departs on learning she's dead.

The group decide to track their visitors back to their camp and walk into a trap. Their visitors are a human warrior (Vorsh) and mage (Rin), and elven archer (Alta), and Rin's dog Moon. When they refuse to elaborate on their purpose in visiting the camp the night before a fight begins, in which the trio are taken prisoner and questioned with varying degrees of success: they were hired in Denerim by Disela, a dwarf with facial tattoos, to collect Grey Warden blood. Alta and Rin bail on being given their freedom, but Vorsh promises to see the party again.

With only a name and the fact phylactery vials are being used, the party heads to Denerim to investiate further.

On arriving, the group find the city sealed because of an attempt on King Alistair's life. They persuade a dwarven caravan to let them tag along, which gets them into the city. They decide to stay in the alienage, as they're too odd a group to avoid attracting attention elsewhere. They split up to to find aid among the city elves and information at the docks - which is where they hear that the apostate Rin has been captured by the Templars.

Current Player Characters

Destya Andruilli played by Naphthalim

Peregrine Tenebrae played by Cerulean Lion

Reyna Melero played by ervakos

Maxen played by Llayne

Hilda of House Sygor played by Doliest

Friedal the Ander played by Atlictoatl


Berenal Vosten
Rin - an apostate mage with a twisted sense of humour and a cute dog (Moon)
Alta - an elven archer
Vorsh - a human warrior
Disela - the dwarf who hired Rin, Alta, and Vorsh to collect Grey Warden blood
Lirav - dwarven caravan master who helped the party into the city
Adrid - a dock manager friend of Reyna's
Lazare Richomme - Adrid's Orlesian partner

House Rules

Mana regen: Full mana regen reduced from 8 hours to 6 (in line with the minimum required for a health regen roll). 1D6 + magic back after a "breather" as per rules for health regen, breather extended to 15 minutes for both. May be tweaked depending on how this works in play.

Useful Links and Information

Revealed by Rin and co:

  • They were hired by a dwarf with facial tattoss, name of Disela
  • Disela is based in Denerim and contacted via dead drops
  • Their job was to collect Grey Warden blood in phylactery jars

Found at the Grey Warden campsite near Rothern:

  • Dead Grey Warden - Her skin is pale and waxy, and she looks unhealthy in a way not accounted for only by her death.
  • A handful of turquoise beads trodden into the dirt.
  • A torn sheet of paper with faded ink.
  • Tracks revealing five people set the camp, probably human and laden with gear. They came from the north-east, probably from the Grey Warden fortress up near Amaranthine. They headed west when they left, although only four of them.
  • A bloody handprint on a tree trunk, that shows the dead Warden came from the south injured and alone.
  • A small crushed glass vial.

IC thread
OOC Thread
Recruitment Thread

Rules of the Table

Post Frequency I aim to update twice a week on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday so am asking for a posting commitment of twice a week. While I may post more often (for example if an individual player is talking to an NPC, or if everyone's been on) there's no expectation for players to do so.

Ettiquette Please don't post thoughts or actions for other people's characters without their permission. Metagaming (bringing OOC knowledge into IC actions) is frowned upon.

PVP Any PVP requires consent from all parties involved. It's up to the player being acted against to decide if they're going to let it stand, act it out IC, or make the other player roll for it. If they say no to PVP, no PVP.

Absences Please keep an eye on the absences thread, as I'll post there if I'm not going to be able to update the game (even if I don't get to it on the OOC). If you're not going to be able to post for a while, please let me know via the absences or OOC thread so I don't start wondering if you've ghosted.

Alerts They don't work! Additionally, if you get an alert and don't check the thread you won't get another one. Please keep an eye on the threads either by checking them manually every so often, or via the Watched Threads page (the latter is especially useful if you're in more than one game).

Any issues, please feel free to bring them up on the OOC thread, or DM me.

The World State

(Background based on changeable events in the games, not likely to have an impact but included for information)

  • The Hero of Ferelden is a Dalish Elf
  • Alistair rules Ferelden with Anora
  • The Grey Wardens completed Morrigan's ritual
  • The Champion of Kirkwall is an apostate mage

Retired Player Characters

Lindellin Andruilli played by Xhaosdaemon

Laney played by Elfwine

Kattrin Frosthold played by Aurebesh