The Inanna Protocol

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Scenario Overview

A mismatched group of Agents from various backgrounds and affiliations combat vast shadowy supernatural and vampiric conspiracies, unearthing the secrets of the Inanna Protocol.

Helpful Resources

[ooc]This is the IC channel for the Night's Black Agents / GUMSHOE resoled campaign The Inanna Protocol

The OOC channel is here.

The recruitment channel is here.[/ooc]


Player Agent Health Stability Network Background/Type Notes/Points Spent
Grey Mouser Mustafa Cetin 10 10 15 Turkish cuckoo
EnigmaticOne Dr. Mario Saltatore 8 8 20 Italian medic
Delazur Andreas Rohr 12 6 17 Swiss asset handler
Slack_C Parker Stilton 7 5 15 American wetworker/hacker
inoshiro Kyungmin Jang 7/7 5 / 5 15 South Korean bang and burner/wire rat
The Lore Bear Evelyn Rousseau 8 8 15 French black bagger/wheel artist

Important Places

Please note: While we're using real place names, the game takes place in an ahistorical past. Any resemblance is coincidental and/or for convenience.


Core kickoff location

(Zoomable street map here)

Important People

Investigative Leads

GUMSHOE Resoled House Rules

This thread is for a new Night's Black Agents campaign with a different take on GUMSHOE. It's also an original campaign, though it's going to be using published campaign resources, especially The Dracula Dossier. Agents will be starting in London, as burned and damaged goods, freelance assets, hired to commit a deniable heist. As to where it goes from there, well...

I’m running this campaign partly to sort out my issues with GUMSHOE as a system and try out some ideas I’ve had. I enjoy GUMSHOE’s point-spend resource management mechanic a lot. But I think it and the whole game suffers from the basic redundancy of Investigative Abilities as written. They just don’t do anything. Especially in a system like GUMSHOE with no characteristics, Abilities essentially define the character. And the most personal, distinctive Abilities in standard GUMSHOE do nothing at all.

Yes, I know there’s TFFBs. Yes, you can occasionally spend IA points for other purposes than clue-finding. But overall, there’s nothing in the system as written to animate IAs . And Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green and other systems have got over the Spot-Hidden-fail problem without needing to give up their skills systems.

So for this game, you can roll with IAs for many things – though you don’t need to for Core Clues. For whipping up explosives with Chemistry, saving someone's life with Diagnosis, Cop Talking a constable out of making an arrest, etc, it all works, just like with any Ability. So long as you have any points in the Ability, you can roll for it, even with all pool points spent, and still have a chance against the basic Difficulty of the task. Everyone starts with 60 points to dole around GAs, and 30 points for IAs.

For this campaign, to keep things fun, I’m keeping the TFFB rules, cherries, Thriller Monologue, and most perks except MOS. (That’s part of the test, to see how well these still work with the revised system.) The whole shebang will probably need some tweaking as things go on, but it's intended as a learning and a discovery experience.

If you like the sound of it, go ahead and state your interest. Any questions, go ahead and ask.