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Wladyslaw as played by Evgeny Kryvosheytsev

Wladyslaw Kalinowski is a PC in the Spycraft 2.0 PbP The_Initiative.

Prior employment: Sergeant Kalinowski is a member of the Polish special forces unit GROM. He participated in their operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the Initiative was reactivated, he was one of the candidates offered from the countries that had joined NATO after the agency had been disbanded (Poland joined in 1999).

Qualifications: Kalinowski is a highly trained infantry combat veteran. He is in excellent physical condition and an expert marksman with most types of small arms. He speaks several languages and often served as a liaison between GROM and US or UK forces.

Personal history: Kalinowski, 31, is the only son of Polish classical musicians. They traveled widely in both Eastern and Western Europe on concert trips and usually took their son with them. As a result, Kalinowski is unusually well versed in European languages and cultures. The family settled in Poland on a more permanent basis when Kalinowski turned 18 to help him focus on studying without distractions. His parents were disappointed when their son chose a military career. Nevertheless, he has never looked back and appears to be happy with his chosen path.

Notes: Has demonstrated bravery bordering on recklessness on occasion. However, no evaluation has discovered any self-destructive tendencies, and neither does Kalinowski seem to be a "glory hunter." Extreme self-confidence is common amongst special forces operators.

Final assessment: We believe that Wladyslaw Kalinowski would be a valuable addition to Initiative field teams. He has experience from protective duties as well as more direct combat operations, and is used to working with people from different countries and backgrounds.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Name: Wladyslaw Kalinowski

Code Name: LANCER

Player: Mikko Kauppinen

Class: Soldier 4

Origin: Daring Wanderer

Reputation: 2

Experience: 1000

Action Dice: 3 (d4+2)


STRENGTH: 15 (+2)

DEXTERITY: 14 (+2)



WISDOM: 12 (+1)

CHARISMA: 12 (+2)

Vitality: 44 Wounds: 14 Subdual Threshold: 14 Stress Threshold: 12 (with 2 points of stress damage resistance)

Unarmed: +6 Melee: +6 Ranged: +6 Defense: 14 (+1 when wearing armour) Initiative: +9

Knowledge Check: +5 Request Check: +5 Gear Check: +5

Fortitude: +4 Reflex: +3 Will: +5


Athletics +7/+7 (5 ranks)

Blend +6/+5 (2 ranks, +2 insight bonus, threat range 19-20)

Cultures +5 (2 ranks, +2 insight bonus, threat range 19-20) [Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Western Asia]

Drive +6 (4 ranks) [Standard Ground vehicles, Heavy Ground Vehicles]

Notice +6 (5 ranks)

Profession +2 (1 rank) [Soldier]

Resolve +6/+7 (5 ranks)

Search +5 (4 ranks)

Survival +6/+6 (5 ranks)

Tactics +5/+5 (4 ranks)

  • cross-class skill


Proficiencies: Edged, Handgun, Hurled, Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Unarmed

Class Abilities: Accurate, Fortunes of War I, Armour Use I

Feats: World Traveller, Marksmanship Basics, Talented (World Traveller), Battle Hardened, Marksmanship Mastery

Interests: Classical music, exotic food, rock climbing


Lifestyle 3: 1-bedroom house, light SUV

Possessions 1: .45 ACP Kimber Ultra Carry backup pistol with JHP ammunition (concealed holster upgrade), Climbing Kit I, Survival Knife, Binoculars, flashlight, Leatherman multitool, canteen, cell phone, compass, duct tape, MP3 player, signal mirror, water filtration tablets, backpack, MRE ration

Spending Cash 1: $100

Gear Picks: 1W, 1S, +1 Charisma pick, 4 Common items, max. 1 reserve pick, 1 piece of Caliber I armor at no cost during the Intel Phase of each mission


Anna Nowak, Polish Ministry of National Defence

Acquaintance: Analysis consultant

Associate: Falsify consultant


GM Fiat