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* Easterners (e.g. '''[[Barstuhl the Tall]]''')
* Easterners (e.g. [[Barstuhl the Tall]])
* Elves, Blue (e.g. '''[[Azure Sky]]''')
* Elves, Blue (e.g. [[Azure Sky]])
* Elves, Red
* Elves, Red (e.g. [[Laleh|Laleh the Seventh Tide]])

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rstites's Twisted OD&D Game

The great city of Husbaleve lies on the western coast of the Kerrol Sea. It was once a great trading city, but several generations back invading creatures from the mountains to the west descended on the city. Humanity fought a slow, grinding holding action against the monsters, having only retained the warehouse and docks below the seawall. For a couple of generations, humanity has set up and lived in this area as the monsters turned their interests on each other. The guilds and great families of the city (with imported wealth) have nurtured and developed their best and brightest with the hopes of retaking their city. Your characters are that hope.

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Husbaleve City Map

  • Dockside our enclave
  • No Man's Land just southwest of Dockside, first area taken, the human smugglers reside here
  • Farmer's Quarter west of Dockside, second area largely taken (from goblins subordinate to a goblin over the river)

Surrounding Lands farmlands to the north, bay to the east that leads into the sea to the west