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*** '''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porta_Nigra Gatehouse example]'''
*** '''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porta_Nigra Gatehouse example]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Chainspire Island|Chainspire Island]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Chainspire Island|Chainspire Island]]'''
'''[[Husbaleve: Lower City]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Lower City]]'''
* '''[[Husbaleve: Library|Library]]'''
** '''[[Husbaleve: Library|Library]]'''
'''[[Husbaleve: Surrounding Lands|Surrounding Lands]]''' farmlands to the north, bay to the east that leads into the sea to the west
'''[[Husbaleve: Surrounding Lands|Surrounding Lands]]''' farmlands to the north, bay to the east that leads into the sea to the west

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rstites's Twisted OD&D Game

The great city of Husbaleve lies on the western coast of the Kerrol Sea. It was once a great trading city, but several generations back invading creatures from the mountains to the west descended on the city. Humanity fought a slow, grinding holding action against the monsters, having only retained the warehouse and docks below the seawall. For a couple of generations, humanity has set up and lived in this area as the monsters turned their interests on each other. The guilds and great families of the city (with imported wealth) have nurtured and developed their best and brightest with the hopes of retaking their city. Your characters are that hope.

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Husbaleve City Map

Surrounding Lands farmlands to the north, bay to the east that leads into the sea to the west




Chronicle and Plans

  • Short-term plans:
    • The keep on the island - so far we've been pretty successful there as we've only taken some normal injuries to a character, no level drains or serious threats. There must be some nastier stuff about I would guess [EDIT: You can say that again!], but so far the zombies and skeletons have been easy for us to reduce. I favour just seeing if we can get a little more research for the island done then hitting it again as I think we need to find where the device creating the undead is and destroy it. I think that is also what creates the pall over the keep. Reopening the harbour will really make things more viable for the population and give us a chance to get some proper henchmen that can make the party stronger to take on the trolls and gatehouse.
    • The gatehouse. We are significantly tougher as a party with 2 spell casters and more magic that can be used to confuse enemies and get through barriers, with Invisibility, Knock and Ventriloquism we can do a lot with a good plan as Sleep is not that useful against 3HD bugbears. As we have the negotiation with them I'm not keen on attacking till we see how they act when food is brought in.
    • From GM: Most the council push is to finish off the bugbears and trolls, and then to go explore the river. They will add a couple in after Tival returns to town.
    • MM: Okay, if we are going to try and do more this side of the river to keep clearing it out we have the bugbears and the trolls as the main objectives.
      • 1. Clearing the rest of the area before the slums where the trolls live - just clean up any more spiders or hostile goblins in those areas that we can use to earn some more treasure and XP.
      • 2. Gatehouse and bugbears. We are at a stage where we should be able to handle them with the fighters levelling up as we have more HP and better attacks against them, particularly with magic weapons. Using our other items and spells we can do a plan where we don't have to rely on going in through one doorway with all of the party being visible to them, also with Phantasmal Force Geris can create diversionary sights.
      • 3. Trolls - we'll need to deal with the bugbears first to be anywhere near high enough level.
    • Sam:
      • Definitely number 1 first.
      • Maybe we could then try one of the places on the other side of the river? [see below] I think putting the dead to rest would be a priority, also the library. I feel that we have an agreement with the gatehouse we should honour for at least the first caravan and it would seem wise to leave that be until our sea route is up and running.
  • Longer-term plans:
    • Trolls - I want to put that off a while, till more of the party have levelled as the fighters will improve their attacks at L4 though maybe not all the time till Geris gets to L5 and researches fireball though that would be really useful against them.
    • Orcs across the river. There is a lot of city left to reconquer and it will be tougher as we've only faced the lower level and less organised goblins. Ideally get the Orc bands fighting each other first then start mopping up weakened remnants.
    • Going upriver to see what is poisoning it - probably after we've dealt with the trolls and the island as I think we're going to need to be tough to deal with whatever drove the goblins and orcs into the city.
  • Hooks from GM:
    • I don't want to put this in the IC because you can figure out how you come by the information for each of you. There are a few points on the far side of the river that may interest one or more of you, that you have rumors about:
    • Blue Elf monastery: sacred to the blue elves, of course. It will be desirable to visit it and put the dead to rest there, but also there is supposed to be a store of knowledge and potential magical artifact of some sort.
    • Red Elf Enclave: possible information on origin of elves (and goblins?), possible lost relics. There's less information on this, but it does exist.
    • Library: a private storage of knowledge existed, and is rumored to have been locked up. It holds a vast store of knowledge, which the city council would love to have, but also a number of pieces of information that several you might want. It also may grant access to some spells. No promises on this one. It's treasure-trove, but a very random one!