The Liberation of Husbaleve

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rstites's Twisted OD&D Game

The great city of Husbaleve lies on the western coast of the Kerrol Sea. It was once a great trading city, but several generations back invading creatures from the mountains to the west descended on the city. Humanity fought a slow, grinding holding action against the monsters, having only retained the warehouse and docks below the seawall. For a couple of generations, humanity has set up and lived in this area as the monsters turned their interests on each other. The guilds and great families of the city (with imported wealth) have nurtured and developed their best and brightest with the hopes of retaking their city. Your characters are that hope.

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Husbaleve City Map

Surrounding Lands farmlands to the north, bay to the east that leads into the sea to the west




Chronicle and Plans

  • Short-term plans:
    • The keep on the island - captured
    • The gatehouse. Need to wait for them to break the treaty terms really before we go after them.
    • From GM: Most the council push is to finish off the bugbears and trolls, and then to go explore the river. They will add a couple in after Tival returns to town.
    • Trolls - nearly at a level where we can deal with them but really need Geris at L5 with fireball to put in some damage, also best if we can get the retainers up to L2 so they are less vulnerable.
    • Blue Elf monastery - can start on investigation and raiding to wear down the bugbears in there.
    • Goblins south of the river - Xuag being down and Warlord Barstuhl means we have no immediate threat but need to see how to use them against any enemies and avoid conflict with the Husbaleve enclave.
    • Library - need to sort out the oil to keep the elemental controlled and get Azure Sky strong enough to deal with the ghost of the librarian.
  • Longer-term plans:
    • Going upriver to see what is poisoning it - after we've dealt with the trolls and the monastery as I think we're going to need to be tough to deal with whatever drove the goblins and orcs into the city.
  • Hooks from GM:
    • I don't want to put this in the IC because you can figure out how you come by the information for each of you. There are a few points on the far side of the river that may interest one or more of you, that you have rumours about:
    • Blue Elf monastery: sacred to the blue elves, of course. It will be desirable to visit it and put the dead to rest there, but also there is supposed to be a store of knowledge and potential magical artifact of some sort.
    • Red Elf Enclave: possible information on origin of elves (and goblins?), possible lost relics. There's less information on this, but it does exist.
    • Library: a private storage of knowledge existed, and is rumored to have been locked up. It holds a vast store of knowledge, which the city council would love to have, but also a number of pieces of information that several you might want. It also may grant access to some spells. No promises on this one. It's treasure-trove, but a very random one!