The Liberation of Husbaleve: Husbaleve Goblin Leaders

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Goblins - Liberation of Husbaleve


  • Bresh
  • Krarth Bigtooth
  • Kralbunk is the leader of a small band of goblins who submitted himself and his brothers and cousins to Barstuhl following the party's killing of the goblin sub-chief Tharbunk. He wears a headdress featuring a pair of large, brown and white feathers. Like several small-time goblin leaders, he has foresworn killing humans and elves and sworn to follow orders and adopt human ways, in exchange for food and protection. [IC #660]
  • Gark, a warband leader who helped us kill spiders (appears here), now part of Barstuhl's porters
  • Hark, Iark and Jark, porters
  • Kerrash, Barstuhl's retainer

Hostile or Not Allied

  • Bugak - chief of a band of several hundred goblins - territory to the left of the market square. Will ally with Sharog.
  • Fryggork - a powerful leader in charge on the other side of the river, according to Slag Smooth-skin. Slag reports to Fryggork, and evidently respects him. [Ref. IC #431] Appears to be a subject of Xuag (below). Probably a subject of Xuag (below).
  • Glesha - Priestess/ sorceress associated with Xuag and source of his magical/ divinely gifted powers
  • Sharog- chief of a band of several hundred goblins - territory to the rigth of the market square
  • Slag Smoothskin leads a squad of well-equipped, man-sized goblins from across the river. The party encountered him once in the Farmers Quarter. He showed little more than polite interest in the party's activities, implying that his master Fryggork would regard them as small fry. [Ref. IC #425].
  • Snog — a chieftain in the south
  • Tharbunk - deceased sub chief located in the farmer's quarter. Killed by Krarth's archers in a raid.
  • Xuag the Great - who rules with an iron fist. He is the defacto ruler of the entire lower town on that side of the river. He is extremely powerful and extremely cruel, and rules with an absolute iron fist, but he can be dealt with, carefully. He has, or had, influence on this side of the river and can overwhelm any clan on the far side, though they can unite enough to make it too difficult for him to go too far against them. Ensorcelled by 'god' with powers of superhuman strength and battle blessing. As tall as a bugbear and as wide. Associated with Glesha.
  • [Unnamed]Chief in Farmer's Quarter - deceased Died with his bodyguard from arrowfire while in his central compound in the assault