The Menagerie: The Beacon

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The Black Cat


Playbook: Beacon

Look: Ambiguous, Hispanic/Latino, Smiling Face, Comfortable Clothing, Stylish Costume

Abilities: Martial Arts, Acrobatics

Labels: Danger -1, Freak -1, Savior +2, Superior +1, Mundane +2


How did you get your skills?: A combination of intensive training at local gyms/dojos and natural talent.

When did you first put on your costume?: School dance: it was a Halloween party and the costume was supposed to be a surprise, but when a gang decided to raid the place I jumped in and then later never told anyone it was me.

Who, outside of the team, thinks you shouldn't be a superhero?: Local community celebrity and city councilwoman Wendy Rogers: I happen to know her personally via my family, and I think she's figured out my real identity. She's hard on the idea of young heroes in general, but for some reason seems to have it out for me....

Why do you try to be a hero?: Community ideals: I grew up around people who were always trying to make the community better. This is my way.

Why do you care about the team?: They're part of my community now.

Beacon Moves: Straight. Up. Creepin'.

Pretty much a superhero

Drives: help a teammate when they most need you, pull off a ridiculous stunt, stop a fight with calm words, reject someone who tells you "you shouldn't be here"


Talon is awesome, and I take every opportunity to hang out with them.

I've got to prove myself to Sleepwalker before I feel like a real hero.

Influence: Talon, Whisper, Jackal