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Sleepwalker The Doomed

Real Name: Casey (sometimes "KC") Shah

Shifting gender, Middle Eastern, haunted eyes, unassuming clothing, adaptive costume

Abilities: Body transmutation Memory manipulation Psychic constructs

Nemesis: Floodlight, a Golden Age hero who has become a reactionary villain or anti-hero, or a staunch defender of the finest traditions of the US, depending who you ask

Danger +1 Freak +1 Savior +1 Superior -1 Mundane +1

Doom triggers: Frightening loved ones Overexerting yourself

Doomsigns: Infinite powers

Sanctuary: Dreamside, a surreal pocket universe Features: locks & traps; a scattering of ancient relics; art, music & food Downsides: draws dangerous attention, tied intricately to my doom

Backstory When did you first learn of your doom? When we fought Athame, I knew I would have to push my powers beyond any prior limits, but not knowing what that would mean. I did, and Athame revealed to me what the cost was: my doom to to eventually lose control and become a force of chaos, unleashing dream-reality into the real world--no longer a person, just an embodiment of unreality.

Where did you get your sanctuary? It's more proper to ask how I discovered it. When I was depleted from using my powers, I wandered, looking for a place to rest. Things started to get more strange and shifting. The cat I passed spoke to me in riddles, then flew away. In a window I caught my reflection, but it wasn't me, it was Nana Shah, but in the next one, it was Uncle Frank. I crossed the footbridge over the stream, and I was in Dreamside.

Why do you oppose your nemesis? Floodlight came back into the public eye when he made an anti-LGTBQ rant on social media. When reporters asked him about it, he doubled down, and called out Sleepwalker and others as negative examples. I felt I had to face it or I'd be endorsing it, but my attempt to talk to him led to a fight, and things have escalated from there. Honestly, I would rather ignore him, but I feel guilty if I do. He's a bully, and he's hurting people. I have to try to do something about it.

Who, outside of the team, is crucial to defeating your nemesis? I'm convinced that Whisper, or maybe Emptiness, can give me insight into Floodlight. But to really have a chance, I'll have to get help from Coyote.

Why does the team matter to you? They're alive, and beautiful, and fragile. They're a treasure. What's more, they have made me welcome whatever form I arrive in. That is a gift I will not take lightly.

Relationships I told Whisper all about your doom and the danger I'm in. I'd love to kiss Revenant before my doom comes.

Influence Talon, Jackal