The Nameless One

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The Nameless One, 6th level Human Monk


This enigmatic wanderer offers no name, saying only that it awaits him when he returns to his homeland. He claims to have traveled to this distant land, seeking enlightenment. When he recounts tales of their adventures to the curious, he always gives his companions credit by name and presents their feats in the most favorable light (without technically lying or even exaggerating). He doesn't admit to having done anything heroic himself, although an unnamed party member may be mentioned in an oblique manner.


He has the tan skin, brown eyes and black hair common to his people. His appearance is somewhat exotic in western lands, but unremarkable in his own. His hair is long and worn in a queue.



STR:16 Weight Allowance: +350 gp Open Doors: 1-3 Bend Bars: 10%
INT:10 Add'l Languages: 2
WIS:16 Mental Attack Adj: +2
DEX:17 Reaction Adj: +2 Def Adj: -3
CON:13 HP Adj: +0 System Shock: 80% Resurection Survival: 85%
CHA:10 Max Hench: 4 Loyalty: +0 Reaction Adj: +0


Age: 31
Alignment: LN Diety: Shang-Ti
Weight: 175#
Height: 5'8"


HP: 24
AC: 6
THAC0: 18
Move: 20"

Saving Throws

Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic: 12
Petrification, Polymorph: 11
Rod, Staff, or Wand: 12 (8 vs fire) (10 vs mental attacks) (9 vs dodgeable attacks)
Breath Weapon: 15 (11 vs fire) (12 vs dodgeable attacks)
Spell: 13 (9 vs fire) (11 vs mental attack) (10 vs dodgeable attacks)


Class: Monk
XP: 75000


Light Crossbow
Staff, Quarter

Thief Skills

Open Locks 57%
Find/Remove Traps 45%
Move Silently 52%
Hide in Shadows 42%
Hear Noise 20%
Climb Walls 92%

Secondary Skills



Ring of Fire Resistance
Ring of Chameleon Power
Pipes of the Sewers
Comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement
Mess kit


Weapon Bonus: Attack Bonus: Damage Total Damage S or M Total Damage L Weight Length
Open Hand (3/2 att) +0 +0 2d4 2d4 n/a n/a
Light Crossbow +2 +3 1d4+3 1d4+3
Dagger +0 +3 1d4+3 1d3+3 10 gp 15"
Spetum +3 (disarm if hit AC 8) +3 +6 1d6+7 1d10+6 50 gp 8'
Staff (spetum haft) +0 +3 1d6+3 1d6+3 50 gp 7.5'