The People of Rhovanion

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Ava, Thane of Beorn, in charge of Stonyford
Baldac, guard at The Old Ford
Baldor, Merchant of Esgaroth
Banna, Aide to Radagast, resident of Rhosgobel
Belgo, Son of Baldor
Beranald, chief of the guards at Mountain Hall
Brunhild, sister of Oderic, widow of Rathfic
Dagmar, Swordswoman of Dale
Ebrimuth, Resident of Stonyford
Faron the Snake, lieutenant of Valter
Féor the Warg
Finnar, Dead Guard of Esgaroth
Gandalf the Grey, a Wizard
Garbold, Advisor to Hartfast
Halla, Dead Wife of Baldor
Haramir, alias of Wida
Hartfast, Chieftain of Mountain Hall
The Hermit, Living in Mirkwood
Hilduara, Trader of Woodman Town
Ingomer, Chieftain of Woodland Hall
Irimë, Noble Elf-Lady of The Woodland Realm
Irmgard, Farmhand healed by Brannock and Bergmál, now a free-holder
Jonal, Disgraced and Disabled Guard of Esgaroth
Kelmund, Repentant Guard of Esgaroth
Lindar, Elf of The Woodland Realm
Magric, wounded trapper and furrier, currently in residence at Mountain Hall
Maracar the Bald, captain of the force at The Old Ford
Merovech, a thane of Beorn, found dead in a boat by the heroes.
Oderic, originally an outlaw in league with Valter, now a Beornsvager.
Odo, a Beorning found dead in a boat by the heroes.
Radagast The Brown, a Wizard living at Rhosgobel
Reiginar, Thane of Beorn, resides at Beorn's Hall
Valter the Bloody, leader of a band of bandits.
Walcauld the Chieftain of Woodmen
Wida "the Wise", Dead Troublemaker Extraordinaire
Willifred, Captain of the Militia at Stonyford
Wulferd, archer of Beorn at The Old Ford and a Beornsvager.