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=Pioneers of the Depths=
=Pioneers of the Depths=
A small group of landlings sit on the shore of the Lake. It's really more of an inland sea nowadays but no one argues with the owners.
The youths have built a fire and brought an offering. Now as the sun sets they have only to wait. A dripping shape emerges from the Lake and growls at them. The youngest trembles forward holding smoked venison. They will never harm the young. So it is said.
The man thing grabs the meat and consumes it greedily. "What do you want?" It asks after the meat is gone.
"The Old World!" shouts the boldest.
"So be it. Once there was a shining city with great glass towers. And a golden temple to the God of it all. But Mother Sea rose up and drowned them all."
At the end of the story one of the youth always turns to the man thing and says "Show me." And thus do the People grow.

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