The People of the Lake

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Pioneers of the Depths


If the Homeland is only partially covered by seas and oceans

  • Reach: -1
  • Grasp: +2
  • Sleight: 0

Doctrine: Preservers of the Seas: The seas’ wealth is yours for the taking. Gain Surplus: Barter Goods, Trade or Transport at the start of every Age.

(Lifestyle) Dispersed: Your domains are vast, but your people know how to make use of the resources of others.

When you Call in a Debt and take one of their Surpluses, also gain Surplus: Safety, Morale or Leadership.


Mood 0
Tech 0
Data 0


  • Morale
  • Scouts


  • Progress
  • Land
  • Transport


  • How do you fight? With serrated fishing spears (melee, brutal)
  • How are you defended? With pressure hardened scales (regal, tough)
  • How do you travel? With amphibious crawlers salvaged from the Fall (land, water)


The People always have enough breathing equipment to function on land and in water.


Pioneer characters get +1 to Force or Steel. Quick characters pick an inheritance move:

The Call of the Deep: If you’re near a large body of water you can summon a beast from its depths. It’ll arrive within a few hours, but will rampage heedless of your wishes.

Breathing Apparatus: You can always breathe easy, no matter the circumstance, and can puff out vapours that intoxicate those around you.

Entangling Nets: If you get your nets around someone, everyone else has advantage when assaulting or escaping them.

Pirate’s Code: So long as you always accept other’s surrender, intelligent foes are willing to give you a chance to parley.

Tempest-tossed: When you hurl yourself into a storm, natural disaster or cataclysm, roll +Steel. On a hit, you end up somewhere safe once the disaster’s over. On a 10+ you still have your gear and health.