The Queen's Cavaliers: The Seventeenth Bridge

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Lutetia, seat of the Gallinean throne and heart of the Realm, where Queen Mariana's court reigns over the countryside. The sixteen bridges of Lutetia are famed for their beauty and grace, stretching across the great lake that surrounds the city and providing passage, and have given rise to the phrase, "For every person, there is a bridge that fits". No matter where you come from, the sayings go, you are welcome in Lutetia.

But Lutetia is not perfect. Duels between the Queen's Cavaliers and the Holy Guardsmen are common. Foreign spies from Aliba, Varendia, and Ekalia are keen observers, in case there might come another war between their realm and Gallinea. And the cauldron of politics spares no one who seeks high office. Still, the city is generally a peaceful one, and although fear or violence are not unknown, neither do they walk with every citizen.

But all things change, and danger lurks wherever complacency reigns...

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