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*Freak -1
*Freak -1
*Savior +1
*Savior +1
*Superior 0
*Superior +1
*Mundane +1
*Mundane 0

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Chaomancer's character in Masks: Sanguine Squad.


Hero Name: Brick Real name: Beth Sanderton


Woman, white, battered hands, casual clothing, simple costume.

Brick is huge, and almost entirely muscle. Her skin is perfect apart from her hands, and that's only because she punches things so often they've never had a chance to fully heal.


  • Danger +3
  • Freak -1
  • Savior +1
  • Superior +1
  • Mundane 0



  • Superhumanly tough
  • Incredibly strong
  • Perfect combat skills

Alchemically augmented by the Secret Empire to be a perfect soldier, Brick has been touched by the philosopher's stone and the sovereign remedy. Her skin can turn bullets, her flesh heals wounds quickly, and her bones realign of their own accord if broken. By the same token she's even stronger than she looks. And the alchemy allowed her instructors to drill skills so deep into her mind that she has practically no control over them. Everything is a burned-in reflex, not an option.


  • In A China Shop
  • Thick and Thin Skinned
  • Physics? What Physics?
  • Always Prepared: When you have a chance to restock your supplies, hold up to 2-gadgets. When you unleash your powers by producing a brand new minor invention or gadget from your supply, spend 1-gadget and roll + Superior. When you reach 0-gadgets, mark a condition.
  • You've Got a Head You Don't Need
  • Overwhelm a Vulnerable Foe

Bull's Heart





Roles: Defender, Friend, Listener


Influenced by

  • Ehri
  • Shrapnel
  • Hayley

Has Influence Over

  • Shrapnel

Advances Taken

  • Choose another two roles for The Bull's Heart
  • Choose a move from another playbook (Always Prepared)
  • Take another move from your playbook (Physics? What Physics?)
  • Unlock my Moment of Truth (used)
  • Rearrange my labels and add +1
  • Take another move: You've Got a Head You Don't Need
  • Take an adult move: Overwhelm a Vulnerable Foe

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