The Seven Shifters

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The Seven Shifters, all of them cousins, have been selected by the Sovereign Host to seek out and protect the Chosen One, The Gatekeeper of All Gatekeepers, Benjamin Greywood. Each currently resides at The Tail End Inn that Cassius gave to Ben in order to entertain and house the increasing number of guests arriving in town and giving Ben some much needed room for his new charges. It is in no way part of some grand plan by Cassius to breed a large force of Gatekeeper Catgirls for the Watchmen.

Interestingly enough, it seems that all seven of them are Granddaughters of Ethan Rhefeldt.

Hannah Nyan

CG Female Cat Shifter

Fighter 2/Barbarian 4/Frenzied Berzerker 5

Ben's "girlfriend" (are YOU gonna tell her otherwise?). While he finds her terrifying most of the time and usually ends up her punching bag when she gets too excited, she thinks Ben is the single most wonderful creature on the planet. She declared her love for him when they were growing up, and Ben agreed to marry her when they became adults (she was holding a boulder over his head at the time, but who's counting?).

Her personalities in and out of rage are nearly polar opposites, and she can change without warning. She is sweet, enthusiastic, and absolutely adorable when calm, but violent, unstoppable, and utterly terrifying when excited.

The excitable young lady was born to a pair of Cat Shifters that had fled the War to stay with the Greensingers within the Twilight Demense. Unique among them for having absolutely no magical talent, she seems to have internalized the chaotic nature of the Greensingers and manifested it as her wildly unpredictable moodswings.

She first met Ben when he was about twenty and she was about six. The young man liked to wander the woods, and it was on one of these trips that he saved her from a treant she accidentally tried to use as a scratching post. He has since forever been her Knight in Shining Armor, much to his chagrin.

She now acts as the unofficial Alpha Female of the group, even if most of the leadership comes from Ben, Yuya, or Motoko. Her main act is to make plainly clear to the others that Ben is HERS before he is theirs, and to settle disputes among them that seem to bother Ben. It's fitting that she was the first among them to actually sleep with him, but she begrudgingly shares his attention and affections with the others.

Hints for roleplaying: While Raging, if you read/watch Fruits Basket...she's Kagura as a Cat-girl. I couldn't help myself.

At other times, she's sweet, overly enthusiastic, and acts like a kitten with a new toy.


LN Female Cat Shifter

Samurai 9/Kensai 1

Tough as nails, extremely serious, wears a permanent scowl, and gives all her moves flashy (yet pointless) names. A fervent worshipper of the Sovereign of War and Battle, Dol Dorn, she finds Ben's boyish demeanor completely unfit to be Gatekeeper of Gatekeepers, yet can't seem to help turning to putty around him. The disconnect between her loathing and attraction leads her to hit him almost as much as Hannah does.

She is also a ranking member if the Red Gauntlet Regiment mercenary group and maintains her ties with them. Her current job is listed as Bodyguard, even if she's not really getting paid for it. Unbeknownst to her, they ARE getting paid. Saala Torrn a.k.a. Calerin; Oracle of The Chamber is funding her mission, knowing her presence is important for Ben's safety.

One thing she'd rather forget is her father, a notorious Lord of the Sarlonian Underworld named Fu-Katchoo who rules the Cat Shifter Ninja empire there. She managed to escape that lifestyle and strike out on her own, resulting in both her joining the Red Gauntlet and being captured by the Black Lotus Society. Her father knows she still lives and plans for Ben to sire a male heir with her (willingly or not) for him to raise as his successor.

One warning, though. She seems to have inherited her grandfather's skill in the kitchen. Keep her away from cooking implements at all costs.

Tomoyo Eldrich

NG Female Half-Cat Shifter/Half-Aerenal Elf

Cleric of Arawai 8/Evangelist 1

Bubbly, cheerful, cute as a button, Yuya's younger sister and youngest of the group, she is overly enthusiastic about pretty much everything. She LOVES Marie, and has a compulsion to dress her in various cute outfits. She then often tries to get Marie to do "Magical Girl" things, filming the ensuing adorableness (Marie thinks it's all an elaborate ritual to eat her). She is openly and enthusiastically bisexual, drooling over both Marie and Ben at every opportunity, and harbors a not so secret desire to sleep with both of them at once.

She's also a published Author with a line of Yaoi and other novels of the generally racy variety that have characters that totally don't resemble the other Watchmen in any way, plus several Independant films that almost universally feature Marie as the star. As a member of the Thranish Propaganda Ministry, she is in charge of overseeing Marie's acceptance as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It has gotten to the point that she's begun gaining powers from her obsession over Marie as an Evangelist, and can convince people to convert to Marie Worship (not Flame worship :shifty:) with surprising ease.

As a side note, she is also one of Eldrich's daughters and loves her daddy dearly. Many suppose she inherited her penchant for theatrics from him, if not his mediocre use of them.

Yuya Eldrich

LN Female Half-Cat Shifter/Half-Aerenal Elf

Monk 9/Reaping Mauler 1

Raised in a monastary dedicated to Aureon, Yuya is serious and commanding, leading her and Motoko to butt heads constantly. Ben seems genuinely attracted to her due to her lack of violently tackling him at every opportunity, but, although she seems to like him, she is nowhere near as violent about it as the others. It seems her self control is the main reason for it, but Ben knows all too well the pent up emotions she refuses to display, and pays for it during her night of the week. Sex with a Reaping Mauler is not the kind you're in control of.

She is Eldrich's oldest daughter, but seems to have inherited nothing from him. His attitude and flamboyance annoies her to no end, which is ironic considering how she adores Tomoyo. As Argentum Agent #397, she has access to some of the deeper secrets of Thranish activities, but not many. For all intents and purposes, she is a triple agent. With the downward spiral of the once revered institution into the treasure hoarding, politically ambitious group it is today, she acts as if she is working for them to keep tabs on the Watchmen. She's even collected several magical artifacts of some value to keep up the illusion, but her primary goal is to make sure they don't get anything too dangerous.

Kisa Bonesnapper

LG Female Half-Cat Shifter/Half-Bunny Shifter (Cabbit)

Sorcerer 7/Magical Trickster 3

Kisa is a veritable fountain of sweetness, love, and joy. Her attitude is almost infectious, and is constantly getting on Motoko and Yuya's nerves. Her cooking is to die for, and many guests at the Tail End Inn will gladly pay to eat there instead of the many restaurants in town. She is actually the daughter of a Warlord from Droaam (Shikarash, the Rending Scourge), making her as close to a Princess of that country as can be made, but you wouldn't know it. She was shipped off to Arcanix at about age 10, when her constant cheerfulness and attempting to bring hospitality to the very people her father was trying to cower in terror made it unbearable for him to keep her around. Her mother, a Rabbit Shifter, died when she was still young, but she has pretty much inherited everything of hers, much to her father's distress.

She has since gained entry into the Arcane Congress as an alcolyte, even meeting with Archmage Travern at one point during her studies. She was considered remarkable not for any outstanding Spellcasting ability (she's good, but not truly exceptional), but by the way her mere presence seemed to banish evil and quell dischord. She was one of only a few people who could wander the halls of the Congress without being molested by the pent up darker energies present, even in the dead of night, and the only one who could do so without pure mystical might on their side.

Travern is known to once have remarked that "Cabbits may be the single most potent weapon any being could ever devise against Evil. Now if we could just find more Rabbit Shifters and keep the Cat Shifters from eating them first..."


NE Female Cat Shifter

Ninja 6/Assasin 4

Her origins are a mystery, as is why in the Nine Hells the Sovereigns would choose this nutcase as one of the chosen Shifters to guard the Gatekeeper of Gatekeepers. While immnsely skilled in the arts of "Not Being Seen" and "Stabbity Death", as well as prone to cackling madly and plotting some nefarious scheme or gruesome murder, she's usually WAY too drunk to actually do any of it, much less remember thinking of it the next day. As such, anyone who listens to her plottings would notice she tends to come up with the same ideas every night.

Though no one but Ethan knows it outside of the Chamber, Ami is a show personality. Her real self is Shadowpaw.

Mihoshi Hojo

CG Female Half-Cat Shifter/Half-Human

Rogue 5/Combat Trapsmith 3/Fortunes Friend 2

Mihoshi was a former member of the Royal Eyes who got "reassigned" to patrolling the boondocks in Aundair after several mishaps on the job. She had much of her memory modified by her first lover, Jarda St. Croix, in order to save her from destroying herself after the pressures of the job and morally questionable activities of her service sent her into a downward spiral.

She is notoriously ditzy, and her contraptions often backfire in some comical fashion. She has Olladra's luck, however, and her clumsiness seems to have saved her innumerable times. She is also unknowingly related to both the infamous Dr. Hojo D'Vadalis and Kiri, her mother having been the mad doctor's grand-niece. Kiri is technically her second cousin.

Shadows over Cyre or Wrath of the Lich Queen