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Golden Wheat Picture.jpg

Golden Wheat- Night Caste

Concept- Former Legionnaire Scout Monster Hunter

Anima- A pale violet and gold wolf with azure eyes

XP- 10 General (50), 5 Solar (24, +2 char pic on wiki) [Last XP Totalled: 7/5/16]

Chronicle- The Shadow Over Creation


Golden Wheat was born into an average family of farmers in the Realm, the second youngest child and the youngest son. As a boy, Wheat spent a lot of his time shirking farm chores to spend time hiding in the nearby woods, playing games and trying to sneak up on the local wildlife. As he grew into a young man, he grew more comfortable and skilled in the woods and used it as his escape from his older brothers. Once he was old enough, Wheat volunteered for the Legion and was quickly put to work as a scout and tracker.

While serving in the Legion, Wheat quickly became skilled at the art of ambush and disappearing into the terrain. His talon was often seconded to Wyld Hunts looking for extra assistance running down Anathema. Wheat himself was an indifferent Immaculate and didn't care whether his opponents were really demons made flesh or not, but did relish the challenge of tracking such dangerous foes.

Unexpectedly for a group in such a dangerous line of work, Wheat's talon was not destroyed by one of the Anathema. At least not directly. Instead, his talonlord had confiscated some pages from one of the Unclean that they had helped track. As weeks passed, the talonlord became strange and insular, verging on the paranoid. Finally, one night culminated in a tragedy as he summoned something forth to defend him from his enemies. Unfortunately, whatever he summoned was clearly beyond his skill to control and the camp went mad as soldiers turned on one another while something moved through the shadows, slaying indescriminately with tendrils of shadow.

In this chaos, Golden Wheat took the Second Breath. He fought off several of his friends, their eyes weeping blood and their voices broken from insane laughter and mad shrieking and even exchanged a few blows with whatever it was that the talonlord had called to him before escaping the abbatoir that was his former unit's camp.

Alone in the Threshold, Wheat took to learning what he could about the supernatural and then applying that knowledge to hunt and kill the things that preyed on mortal communities.


Str 3 Cha 2 Perc 4

Dex 4 Manip 3 Int 2

Stam 4 App 2 Wits 3



Athletics 2

Awareness 5(2bp)

Dodge 4(2bp)

Investigation 2

  • Stealth 5(3bp)[Wilderness]


Archery 3[From Ambush]

Melee 4(5sxp)[Short Swords]

Occult 2(1bp)

Resistance 2

Survival 4(1bp)[Tracking]


Brawl 1

Linguistics 1

Lore 1

Socialize 1

War 1


Familiar 1- Fang-grin (Wolf)

Artifact 3- Orichalcum Chain Shirt

Artifact 3- Short Daiklaves "Sun and Moon Fangs" (Free Sig Artifact) These paired short daiklaves have one with an orichalcum blade that gently curve like a tyrant lizard's fangs, edged in moonsilver with a hilt shaped from a giant fang wrapped in leather and moonsilver. The other short daiklave is exact copy made entirely of moonsiver.

Resources 2- Money from monster-hunting

Language- Riverspeak

Language- High Realm (1bp)

Language- Old Realm (1bp)

Language- Skytongue

Language- Flametongue (3sxp)

Language- Seatongue (3sxp)

Ambidexterity 1

Direction Sense



Wise Arrow

Phantom Arrow Technique


Sensory Acuity Prana (8xp)

Keen Taste and Smell Technique (8xp)


Reed in the Wind

Drifting Leaf Elusion

Shadow Over Water (4bp)


Watchman's Infallible Eye (8xp)


Excellent Strike

Call the Blade

Dipping Swallow Defense


Spirit-Detecting Glance

Spirit-Cutting Attack (8xp)


Ox Body Technique

Body-Mending Meditation


Easily Overlooked Presence

Blinding Battle Feint

Stalking Wolf Attitude

Shadow Victor's Repose


Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit

Friendship with Animals Approach (8xp)


TBD (10sxp)


Short Daiklave x2

Acc 15 Dam 13 Parry 5 Overwhelming 4

Short Sword

Acc 13 Dam 10 Parry 5 Overwhelming 2


Acc 5/11/9/7 Dam 12 Overwhelming 1



Natural 4 Armored 5 Total 9 Hardness 4

Parry 5

Evasion 4

Resolve 2

Guile 2


Defining Tie- Fang-grin (Brotherhood)

Defining Principle- I am what the predator in the dark fears (Aimed towards slaying things and people that prey on helpless mortals)

Major Tie- Golden Rose (Sister)

Major Tie- Demons (Distaste)

Major Principle- If it's not hurting something, it's not in need of solving

Minor Tie- Farmers (Fondness)

Minor Principle- There are no free lunches

Minor Tie- Sorcery/Summoning (Distrust)

Minor Tie- Syrine (Friendly)- She technically employed him for the trip North, so she's in theory the boss. Maybe.

Minor Tie- Aria (Respect)- Wheat's seen her survival abilities and hunting skills on the trip north.

Minor Tie- Morning Way (Professionalism)- He's the boss, so he gets what passes for Wheat's professionalism.

Minor Tie- 108 (Awe)- Wheat's seen her dance, and it's definitely made an impression.

Minor Tie- Ranjan (Delight in Needling)- Wheat has decided that Ranjan needs to poked at occasionally, though he does seem to respect his knowledge and skill in the occult.

Limit Trigger[edit]

The character sees innocents suffering and is unable to effectively intervene.


Essence 1


Personal- 13/13

Peripheral- 12/33 (5 Committed Short Daiklaves; 4 Commited Orichalcum Chain Shirt, 5 Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit)

Willpower 5/5

Health Levels

-0 / -1 / -1 / -1 / -2 / -2 / -2 / -2 / -4 / INC