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Hero Name: Rook

Real Name: Theresa Russo


  • Girl
    • Not really comfortable with the appellation "Woman", to be honest. It's an age thing, I guess? Or maybe not. My mom was a woman, I'm just... me.
  • Mediterranean
    • Non-whites call me white, the really white people call me whatever they think that they can get away with.
  • Untrusting Eyes
    • It's not that I don't trust you... Oh, wait. No. It's that I don't trust you.
  • Casual Clothing
    • My aunt claims they are ragged, but that is just because she doesn't understand the need for ventilation in making clothes comfortable. Except for the long leather jacket. It was my Mom's.
  • No Costume
    • I'll get around to it... at some point. Spoiler! No, I won't.


"...I pick up my sword, or whatever other weapon I need, and I fight; my panolpy is always at hand. I deflect attacks with my shield and armor; my knightly resolve protects me from other threats, if necessary. And I am a skilled fighter because I am a veteran of a quarter-century's worth of battles."

"And none of these things are true, because you aren't even twenty, and do not, and have never had, a sword, a shield, armor, or anything like that."

"...well, yeah. Hallucinations and fake memories as a side effect of what was done to me. Except that my hallucinations are sometimes stronger than your reality."


Danger Freak Savior Superior Mundane
Starting +2 +1 -1 +1 +0
Current +2 +1 -1 +1 +0


You've Got A Head You Don't Need

  • When you provoke someone with obvious threats and shows of force, roll + Danger instead of + Superior

In A China Shop

  • When you directly engage a threat, you can cause significant collateral damage to your environment to choose an additional option, even on a miss



  • Obsidian


  • Measure

Role: Defender

  • When you leap to defend your love or rival in battle, roll + Danger instead of + Savior to defend them


Measure has influence over Knight.

Obsidian has influence over Knight.


None Currently


Who changed you?

  • "Well, according to the logo on their uniforms, FIST. The F stands for Foundation. I don't know about the rest of it. They grabbed me and some other kids out of a shelter. The people who ran the shelter had to know-- we were set up, and I think they went after kids who came in from out of town, so a local family wouldn't be looking for them."

How did you escape from them?

  • "I battled my way through the foe with strength and cunning, aye, for I cut down their hidden eyes as I cut down their guards, and did batter down the... woah. Yeah, look, I don't remember that the way other people will, all right? The... other memories were really strong then, and to me, it was fighting my way out of a dungeon. I didn't really remember who I was until after I was out, and I walked for a long time until I found a road that lead me back into the city."

Did any of the other survivors of that F.I.S.T. experiment come out with powers, that you know of?

  • "I didn't know that there were any, until I watched the news one time. A guy I recognized from the shelter-- couldn't mistake the burn scars on his neck, he'd said they were from a pot of boiling water. And he made the news, all right, in a shootout with some guys-- he had a gun, or... well, it might not have been a real gun, and half the time, when he shot it, it made things blow up, so yeah. And he was calling himself Orion Smith, and talking about how the Cyber-Emperor's spies would never take him in, and the cops showing up just gave him more Cyber-Empire Agents after his ass, as far as I can tell. He got away, but I did recognize him, and his name is Ciron Williams, and he's a skinny kid from Detroit and a really shitty home life, and I think it's a hell of a lot easier for him to be Orion Smith, who, just guessing here, was a kick-ass Han Solo or something rebel against the evil Cyber-Empire or some shit, and he got out, and now sometimes when he shoots a gun or whatever, the gun believes him about being Orion Smith, and it's a Plasma Gun or something like that. I think I had a Dream, and he had a Dream, and he's stuck inside his Dream all they way, and that's really bad."

Who, outside the team, tries to take care of you now?

  • "Well, when I got back into town, I went after the shelter, obviously. They were pretty much shutting down as I arrived, but that involved a lot of gunfire aimed at witnesses, and I stepped in, and I wound up saving some kids. One girl, Amra, I helped her get reconciled with her family-- not as hard as it sounds-- and they set me up with some part-time work cleaning up the store they own and stuff. And they let me sleep in the basement, and honestly, her mother gets maternal at me, and keeps pushing food on me and stuff. It's... really nice of them."

Did you ever spend time in the Jungle encampment under the bridge by the river, or just in the youth shelter?

  • "I was trying to work out where to go, and the Jungle was that direction, but somebody told me about the shelter, so I figured that I'd be safer there. We see how well that worked out..."

Why do you try to be a hero?

  • "I already am one. I have the memories of being one, and fake or not, it's a quarter-century of heroism. And... ah, hell. Someone has to."

Why do you care about the team?

  • "They're trying to help. I remember having allies. Sometimes, that's the only thing that gets you through."

Do you go to school now? If not, what do you do with your time?

  • "I'm currently trying to get back into school. I mean, I really ought to, for my own sake. The paperwork's a pain, though. And, uh... I have some memory issues, sometimes. Like, I need to be KRR... K Ruiz-Reyes... to get through school, but I lose track of KRR once in a while. Otherwise, I help out at the store a lot-- it really helps them to have someone who can look after things, and I feel better about all the help that they give me. And Sir K can handle keeping track of the store. I mean, it's not exactly the normal job of a knight, but in a long life of adventure, unexpected turns happen, and you do what you have to within the limits of honor, and helping good people maintain their livelihood is hardly dishonorable to a true knight with a knight's heart! Uh, and, y'know, I train. I mean, my... my subconscious won't let me not train, but I actually hurt myself a lot during my big escape, because I was fighting in ways that my body was not ready for. Fighting like a combat veteran requires physical conditioning, and my powers don't close the gap entirely. And... well, I protect the neighborhood, too. Go out and look for trouble from time to time. Can't do it all the time. Don't have a regular schedule. But it has to be done."

There's a couple of cops, partners, who've been working the UEB beat for years and know everything about the neighborhood, who are they and how do you get along?

  • So covering this neighborhood isn't exactly a reward for being the best kiss-ass cop, you know what I'm saying? And a bunch of the cops are shady. But these guys-- I guess their names are Allen and Phillips? They'll maybe hit us up for a cup of coffee and a donut once in a while, but they actually do help out sometimes, and they'll actually buy stuff from the store and pay for it and everything, and they don't actually make trouble or say racist shit or whatever, so I'll let them have the coffee and donut, no big deal, you know? That ain't shit for getting shook down by a cop. I'd give them that just for not actually saying the racist shit.
  • "Anyway, this one time, I was The Knight, and I was poking around, you know, looking for trouble, and I see them, using their car for shelter, and there's two different gangs there-- Kings and Thirteens-- and we're Kings turf, but the Thirteens have been pushing it, maybe wanting to start some shit, take UED or whatever, you know? And then one little cop car shows up, and I guess they both hate the cops more than each other, because they just both start unloading on the cops, and their tires get shot out, and they can't get backup in time, and they're trying to use the doors as shelter while they shoot back... it's bad. Real bad.
  • "Well, I'd already decided that I was gonna start on the Thirteens anyway, move over to the Kings if they stuck around, because I can only do so many things at once, and we don't need a fucking gang war in UED, and that was on the Thirteens for showing up, you know? So I'm in there, and I'm totally The Knight, and my blade is ready, and my shield held high, deflecting the bullets and bolts of the foes before me, and they fall or scatter before me. And the so-called 'Kings' foolishly fire upon me, but the bandits know me and my blade, and when I advance upon them, not falling, they have not the heart for battle, and flee as well. I look to the guardsmen, and I know them-- hardly the finest guards in the land, but their hearts are, in the end, good, if weak, and they will be numbered among the defenders of the land in the Last Battle. I approach them, to reassure them, and man, I'm lucky that they didn't open fire, but I checked to see if they were OK, kinda give the once-over to the places they were bleeding, and then I heard sirens and I took off. But, you know, I run into 'em sometimes, and they, like, kinda salute me and go the other way. Like, I don't think they can officially be cool with me? But they know that maybe we can get along, and we don't make trouble for each other. And maybe we kinda keep each other honest, you know?"


None currently

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