The Stars Are Right: Emma Hardeson Knight

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Emma Hardeson (right) and Eve Stoy

Emma Hardeson Knight[edit]

played by Andrew Cole

Disgustingly rich, horrifically accomplished, fiendishly sane, Emma Hardeson is a terrifying force of nature, and finds all of this entirely too fascinating, duckie.


Daughter of Ralph Hardeson and Cora Mae Carrow, owners of Hardeson Steel and Industry. Born April 25, 1886. Parents died in a plane crash in Egypt in 1901 when Emma was 16. Emma survived, and took over limited management of Hardeson Steel. Made her first independent million by age 20. Ran the corporation until 1914, when she married John Knight. Knight served as an airmen during the war and was killed in action in June 1918. Emma, now solidly buffered by an ocean of cash and a respectable widowhood, has been living in a Boston marriage with Eve Stoy since. Brazenly, cheerfully unconventional, Hardeson wears men's clothing, smokes enormous Cuban cigars and drinks whiskey in El Dorado, a club she owns and operates for the benefit of other well-to-do New York women.




Journal Entries[edit]


Newspaper Articles[edit]

Date Title Author Publication
1932-00-00 example text example text example text


Date Title Author Received Via
1932-10-18 A. Robertson to E. Hardeson A. Robertson Personal Delivery

Legal Documents[edit]

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1932-00-00 example text example text example text

Personal Records[edit]

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1932-00-00 example text example text example text