The Stars Are Right: Heather Flynn

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The heart of the whole matter.

Flynn, Heather

alias Katie Flynn

A waitress at the Irish Rose. Living with Danny Macklin (deceased). Infected with strange blood parasites. A former member of Maturin de Bonnevault's household, Heather Flynn was captured and tortured by Gregory Parkhurst, before being fleeing with his notes regarding the development of the necrophage cure. After suffering a tremendous beating from Danny Macklin, the latent virus in her blood became active. She received a dose of Parkhurst's serum from Dr. Obediah Walters, before leaving town. Her current whereabouts are unknown.



de Bonnevault, Maturine
traveling companion
Parkhurst, Gregory
Clark, Lila
Macklin, Danny
boyfriend (deceased)
Grayson, Victor
Walters, Obediah
Irish Rose habitué


Heather Flynn wrote or was mentioned in the following documents: